Nassim Sana

You are Your Best Friend

You are Your Best Friend

In our day to day lives we face many challenges. Most of us deal with situational issues every day and some of us work and deal with debilitating diseases life like Multiple Sclerosis. March is National Multiple Sclerosis Education and Awareness Month. Did you know that more than 2.3 million people are affected by MS worldwide? According to National Multiple Sclerosis Society More than two to three times as many women as men develop MS and this gender difference has been increasing over the past 50 years. Studies suggest that genetic risk factors increase the risk of developing MS, but there is no evidence that MS is directly inherited.

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic, unpredictable disease of the central nervous system, which is made up of the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. It is thought to be an immune-mediated disorder, in which the immune system incorrectly attacks healthy tissue in the CNS.

MS can cause many symptoms, including blurred vision, loss of balance, poor coordination, slurred speech, tremors, numbness, extreme fatigue, problems with memory and concentration, paralysis, and blindness and more. These problems may come and go or persist and worsen over time. Most people are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50, although individuals as young as 2 and as old as 75 have developed it. This autoimmune disorder prevents most of MS patients to the life they once had. As I expressed before we all have challenges that we need to work through. It is really about how we face them and how we overcome the difficulties.  To increase our quality of life we need to learn that self-care, it is just as important as all the other things we give priority to.

This month I’m giving you tools and techniques on how you have better self-care and improve your overall health. The first step to self-care is acknowledging that you are your best friend. You are probably thinking to yourself, self-care, well that’s selfish or I don’t have time for self-care, I need to take care of everyone else, I need to work. It really interesting the various reasons we can come up with to not take care of ourselves.  I have news for you there is nothing selfish about self-care. In fact not taking care of you is more selfish then caring for yourself .We are amazing human beings capable of so much and yet we do an amazing job of neglecting the one person who is going to stay with us till our dying day and that my friend is you. Imagine when a friend comes to you and says I’m physically tired, you will probably tell them; take a day off, or do something nice for yourself. My advice is that the quality of your life depends on you. It is irrelevant whether you are dealing with an illness or situational changes. Self-care is the best gift you can give yourself. Begin practicing everything with the love, respect and integrity you have for others. The reality is your possibilities for living a healthy life becomes endless when you give yourself the love, respect and integrity that you deserve. Once you embrace that then self-care becomes easier. When we talk to our friends they may give us the advice just listen to yourself or intuition. However, if you don’t give yourself the space of importance then how can you listen to yourself and allow any space for self-care? No matter what our situation is loving ourselves helps us have better quality of life and increased productivity in every aspect of our lives.

When practicing this new approach to self-care, you want to create more love in your heart for yourself. In the morning acknowledge what you do for yourself first then other.  Then tell yourself (I Love You), you deserve to feel that love from yourself. Throughout the day acknowledge the things you do that you enjoy or things that happen in your day that make you smile. Then begin creating a space of respect and integrity for yourself and action. Don’t give yourself negative feedback. Take a step back and look at what caused the situation to have a certain outcome. For example if you are late for a meeting don’t say to yourself “Oh My God I’m never on time” stop the negative language, step back and create a space that you can think things through and decide how you can have a different outcome next time. There is no need to feel bad, or overly dramatize the situation. The key thing to remember is stop, take a deep breath, acknowledge yourself for who you are and then get back in integrity with yourself. Once you are able to integrate love, respect and integrity into your life then you can be your best friend and self-care will be easy. I’m including 10 self-care practices for you so you can live your best possible life.

  1. Learn to Relax
  2. Practice Acceptance
  3. Talk Rationally to Yourself
  4. Get Organized
  5. Exercise
  6. Quiet Time
  7. Talk to Friends
  8. Actively listen to your Intuition
  9. Play
  10. Eat Healthy

Nassim Sana, M.C, C.C