When I was a Kid

When I was a Kid

Cynthia RichmondAs a child I had many prolific and sometimes prophetic dreams. One time I remember I was dreaming that a lion was chasing me; he was about to bite me in the butt when I woke up lifting my rear into the air to avoid pain and certain death by lion! The lion represented my dad who was a loving but strict father.

One Christmas Eve I was especially tormented. I think I was 8 years old. I was the oldest of five kids and was taught to know that I was liable for the others. It was a big responsibility. The thing was that Santa Claus couldn’t/wouldn’t come unless all of the children were asleep…and I couldn’t get to sleep because, HELLO, the next day was Christmas, it was all too exciting. I was tossing and turning in my little twin size bed knowing that I was ruining Christmas for my entire family, the guilt was enormous. Finally sleep came but with a nightmare. In my dream I was in a grocery store. I must back up a bit to tell you that I was always to be holding hands with two of my siblings when we were out in public with our mom. My other sister Laurie was to hold the other little one’s hand. Can you even imagine being the mom doing errands with five kiddos? Anyway, in my dream I am alone in the store. The shelves are so tall. I feel entirely lost. I know I am in big trouble and I am so scared for both reasons.

Finally I woke…and it was Christmas! Whew. I was happy to be alive and well and safe and sound.

The funny thing is that the following Christmas Eve I found myself with the same dilemma. My grandparents and cousins, aunts and uncles would all be coming over the next day to celebrate Christmas. But dang it, I could not turn off my mind and get some rest. Surely, Santa could see my awakeness from his sleigh and just bypass our house and it would be all my fault! I couldn’t bear it. Then I remembered the previous year, and do you know; I intentionally put myself back in that nightmare! However this time I was able to remind myself that it was just a dream, kinda’ like crossing your fingers behind your back, and I would wake up from it; not be in trouble and it would be Christmas!

Our nightly dreams echo our current waking state feelings and emotions…they can heal us, serve us, bring us solutions and certainly they can entertain us. Happy Holidays to one and all.

Sweet Dreams,

Cynthia Richmond

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