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What is Shift Across America

Shift Across America is an attempt at modern storytelling.  There is a movement underway in America.  A movement to reshape and reform our communities and economies.  Leaders from coast to coast are doing amazing and transformational work, and I will help them share their stories.  And along the way, I’ll be sharing information about the 10% Shift happening in New England, a grassroots initiative to catalyze sustainable and equitable economies.

In 3 weeks, I’ll visit over 20 communities and interview over 100 leaders in our cities and towns.  What I hope to show is that, while we hear a lot about our differences, when it comes to building and supporting strong local economies, we can find common ground.

Shift Happens…

Local First Arizona
Kimber Lanning Executive Director – Local First Arizona
Owner – Stinkweeds & Modified Arts