Trying to Fight Through Tangled Webs

Trying to Fight Through Tangled WebsCynthia Richmond

Dear Cynthia,

I am a 53-year-old male and I have this dream a lot.

I dream that I am in a house in which there are a lot of rooms. I open the door to the first room and it is filled with spider webs. I can’t get very far into the room because of the webs. (I actually am afraid of spider webs, whether they have spiders in them or not.)

I try to break through the webs, but even when I use a board or an iron bar, they simply won’t break. I leave that room to go to another, and that room is in the same condition. Finally I find some rooms that don’t have webs, but for some reason each time I have the dream I go back to the rooms with webs and try again to get through.

One time I actually was aware that I was having this dream while I was having it! I put down the beam of wood I was trying to break through the webs with and walked out of the house. I felt as if I could finally breathe again.

However most of the time I finally I give up feeling defeated. When I wake up I remember the dream and feel weird all day. ~Tim
Dear Tim,

In the language of dreams a house may represent your body or your being, in which case the rooms represent parts of yourself. The spider webs in some of the rooms indicate rooms that you have not explored, meaning un-utilized parts of yourself. Since you actually do fear spider webs, in your dreams they may be symbolic for other things that you fear. Hence you may fear opening the doors to new aspects of self, trying new things, expanding your life in new ways.

You do try to break down the webs but they are strong and resilient. You may be resistant to a break-through, your fears causing extreme resistance.
However, in the language of dreams spiders and their sticky webs represent manipulation. You could be manipulating yourself by reinforcing fear, or you could feel manipulated by others.

Since some of the rooms do not contain spiders or webs there are certainly parts of yourself and your life that are functioning well or not affected by fear.

When you became aware that you were dreaming, that is termed Lucid Dreaming, if you do that again make an effort to control the dream, it will be easy! Have a plan for what you will do the next time that happens. You could have a super-powered leaf blower that wipes them out or a steam-power sprayer, or whatever you would like, you’ll be ready to clean them away.

Since you dream this theme frequently, I suggest that you do an exercise: Sit quietly, relax with a couple of long, slow, deep breaths. Close your eyes and bring the web filled room image into your mind’s eye. Imagine that you can communicate with this image and ask it what message it wants to give you.

Since the dream comes from your subconscious mind, very often it can be accessed in this way. An alternative approach is to prompt yourself before you go to sleep to ask your dream muse: What is in my best interest to understand regarding the spider web filled rooms? Be sure to write your dream down. You may get a literal answer, or you may need to interpret your dream to understand the guidance.