5 Friends to Consider Dumping Immediately

If your contemplating whether you should keep certain friends around or dump them while you still can, this article should help you out. Click here for the full article.

Hungry 4 year Old

My almost 4-year-old daughter asks for food constantly. I can’t tell if this is a boredom thing or an attention thing but regardless I am unsure how to handle it. I’ve tried allowing her to eat such things as carrots when she starts complaining, but I want to curb the actual behavior without giving her food issues. At present, she is of normal weight and height, and I want her to stay that way. –Hungry in Ohio Click here for the full article.

3 year old’s Rebellion

My almost-3-year-old has started saying things to me that border on disrespectful. Overall, he's a very obedient little boy who knows he's not in control of our home. Click here for the full article.

Kids on Leashes What?

What do you think of kids on leashes? Chicago Parent magazine put that question up on its Facebook page and—no surprises here—some readers went ballistic. “Treating the child like a dog!” was the common theme of said rants. One person suggested that these kids be taught to bark. Don’t you just love people who think with their pituitary glands? Click here for the full article.

A Queer Q & A

I created a Queer Q & A, where I interview an LGBT person about many things; children, media, relationships – anything you have ever questioned but were too scared to ask them. Click here for the full article.

6-year-old Daughters Tantrums

A concerned mother told me her 6-year-old daughter still threw tantrums nearly every day, during which she screamed as if she was being tortured, produced copious tears, and performed various contortions, often losing her balance and falling to the ground where she would writhe as if possessed by demons. In fact, the parents sometimes wondered if an exorcism might be appropriate. These tantrums occurred when she didn’t get her way. “Why does she throw these tantrums?” the mother asked. Click here for the full article.


I’d like to do something a little different in my column this month to shed light on something that is very near and dear to my heart. Click here for the full article.
Kathryn Henneman


There has to be a harmony when I have put the invited guests and the delectable meal together. Harmony between smell, taste and colour. Click here for the full article.
Celibacy Diaries

The Celibacy Diaries Part Two

If you are searching for someone to build a foundation with, then you have no time for men that don’t want to #stayingcelibate #datingforkeeps #findingtherightperson Click here for the full article.
Sydney Paige McCutcheon

The New Year has Come

After all the gifts have been opened, the wrapping paper saved and trashed, the food eaten, table cleared, the decorations enjoyed and eventually pulled down, there is a niceness to being at home and taking in the New Year days. Click here for the full article.