Becky Campos

Give Yourself the Gift of Health

What is the one gift that you can give to yourself this Christmas that will also give to others? The answer is simple; your health. What ever happens to you also happens to those you love and those who love you. Your health or lack of health is experienced in one way or another by those in the sphere of your life. The gift of my health is the greatest gift I can give to my husband, children and grand children. Imagine for a moment the drama and trauma our family endured when my sister, mother and I were diagnosed with cancer in a span of two years time. For each individual that is diagnosed or living with a health condition that disrupts their life there are parents, children, siblings, friends, congregations and long distant families who are affected by the drama and trauma of one persons unfortunate health crisis. When I reclaimed my health from twelve years of chronic illness that culminated with breast cancer I also reclaimed my life and my family reclaimed rest in their souls from watching me suffer. Click here for the full article.
Dr Peggy Marshall

Love Yourself First

No mistake has an expiration date, rather when my client tries to move beyond past decisions which didn’t lead to the best outcomes her mother is quick to remind her of those decisions. I have learned over the years and coached my client to the fact that when others are quick to point out past mistakes or transgressions, the issue is more with the person who is doing the pointing. Click here for the full article.

Some Gentlemen Didn’t Prefer Blondes

Travilla was one of the few, if not ONLY people to understand the blondes’ ambition. Click here for the full article.
Pat Hicks

Awareness a Mystifying Word

I believe as the Mystics do, that we are literally One – Waves appearing as separate, yet inseparable from the infinite universal Divine ocean of Beingness, not our puny limited egoic minds with feckless thoughts only useful to navigate us through life’s landmines of our own making. Click here for the full article.

The Joy in Art Collecting

Kathryn Henneman's love of old Hollywood movies and art are a fun way to introduce herself. Click here for the full article.

Arizona’s Top Drawer Bureau for Visitors

The Glendale Convention & Visitors Bureau is an agency of city government. It partners with several nonprofit organizations, including the Military Family Support Group, AZ Safe Baby Haven, United Way, Relay for Life, Coyotes Charities, Sun Valley Animal Shelter, AZ Search Dogs and its own Fire Department’s Trauma Teddy Program. Visitors from all over the world have been welcomed in Glendale. And for the years to come, Pino will keep the red carpet fresh, the smiles bright and the welcome as wide as the West Valley sky. Click here for the full article.

Bunch of Baloney

A grandmother recently told me that her son and daughter-in-law have told her only grandchild, an 8-year-old, that he can be anything he wants to be in life. She was incensed. “What a bunch of baloney!” she exclaimed. “What a completely irresponsible thing to tell a child!” I agree wholeheartedly. One cannot be whatever one desires to be any more than one can have anything one desires to have. Here, for example, is a short list of the things I could never have been, no matter how hard I tried: professional football player, fastest man on the planet, tightrope walker, nuclear physicist, brain surgeon, fighter pilot, concert pianist, and King of England. Click here for the full article.

Ground Rules

Living with Children John Rosemond Copyright 2009, John K. Rosemond Q: What, if any, ground rules can and should parents set for a child returning to live at home after college graduation. My husband and I are facing this issue with our daughter in May 2010, and we need help. Click here for the full article.

5 Friends to Consider Dumping Immediately

If your contemplating whether you should keep certain friends around or dump them while you still can, this article should help you out. Click here for the full article.

Hungry 4 year Old

My almost 4-year-old daughter asks for food constantly. I can’t tell if this is a boredom thing or an attention thing but regardless I am unsure how to handle it. I’ve tried allowing her to eat such things as carrots when she starts complaining, but I want to curb the actual behavior without giving her food issues. At present, she is of normal weight and height, and I want her to stay that way. –Hungry in Ohio Click here for the full article.