Becky Campos

You don’t have to be That Women

1 out of 6 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. These statistics are not coming to us out of a vacuum. They are coming to us from organizations that study and research cancer incidence, survival rates, mortality rates, Click here for the full article.

Gem Water

There is evidence that water reacts to more subtle stimuli and radiation, but the result is no less profound. Dr. Masaru Emoto, Author and Researcher from Japan, exposed water to music words and images. He then quick froze the water, and took photographs under a microscope of the crystals formed. The water responded differently to positive and negative stimuli. Click here for the full article.

Spring Cleaning Your Mental Space!

Do you have a little dirt on your internal windows or cobwebs in corners of your mind? This blog will focus on a couple of areas that you might want to focus on for internal spring cleaning. Click here for the full article.

Time to Create

As a Life Coach I like to create a system and look at the past year in a structured way. Most of us in the beginning of the year we create a new year’s resolution and we promise ourselves that we are going to stick to it right? Any one laughing yet! Click here for the full article.

The Twelve Week Year

Planning is followed by process control which begins with the identification of tools and events that align daily actions with the most important actions for ultimate success. Ensuring that you focus your time on critical actions for success, these tools and events are essential to creating the outcomes you want. Click here for the full article.

Stings May Represent Hurtful Remarks

If you are in doubt or having insecure or confused feelings about the verbal stings, ask a trusted friend or family member for his or her thoughts. We can all improve by being open to personal growth. Click here for the full article.

School Rules

Living with Children John Rosemond Copyright 2010 John K. Rosemond Jon Akers, Director of the Kentucky Center for School Safety, has written an on-line essay calling on school systems to prohibit students from having cell phones in their possession during school hours (go to )He presents an iron-clad argument to the effect that student cell phones are not just unnecessary but also contribute to bullying, underachievement, sexual harassment, numerous disciplinary issues, including cheating, and even criminal activity. It goes without saying that they are one more distraction to a generation that is already suffering from distraction overload. Click here for the full article.

In This Case, Looking Young Was Fatal

Anytime the feelings after a dream stick with us for days, it is certainly worth trying to understand the message. Your dream begins with strong images. Click here for the full article.
Dr Peggy Marshall

7 Step Plan to Market Your Business

It’s not just large companies that need marketing plans; your startup needs one, too. Like a business plan, a marketing plan will help you focus and decide where and how to spend your resources. Click here for the full article.

She May Be Running From Job Stress

I’ve been having a recurring dream for about 10 years. It involves me being chased. Click here for the full article.