These Preventive Law Alerts are patterned after an annual publication to all mountain climbers called “Accidents in North American Mountaineering” which writes up all mountaineering accidents describing the accident, what caused it, how it may have been prevented so that further mountain climbing catastrophes may be avoided. Preventive Law Alerts are the equivalent of “Legal Accidents in North American Law” – a description of the legal catastrophe and how it may be avoided using preventive law techniques. Click here for the full article.
Jodie Heisner

5 Mistakes to Avoid During a TV Interview

A television interview can be a great thing for your business and image or it can make you a laughing stock. Here are a few mistakes you don’t want to make during your next appearance. Click here for the full article.
Boomer and the Babe

It’s time for the Revolution

Whether it is our State House or our Federal Government it is already obvious that the election is going to do nothing to make our lives easier. New leaders that made promises are already doing whatever they want to do with little regard for the average citizen in this country. They can’t agree on anything, and that is not a partisan statement. It makes no difference which side of the aisle you sit on. It is time that we take matters into our own hands now more than ever. We can no longer stand by and expect the politicians to lead. The only motivation they have is greed and power. Click here for the full article.

Visualizing Success

if you do not believe that something can happen, your actions will reinforce that belief. Henry Ford said “whether you think you can or think you can’t-you are right.” Click here for the full article.

Crying 30 Month Old

Q: I'm a stay-at-home mom who attends a moms' group that meets every two weeks. Every time I leave my 30-month-old in the play group, which is supervised by two older women, he cries. Shouldn't this clingy phase be over by now? Click here for the full article.

Get Your Work Published

Get Your Work Published with Discover the Region Print and Digital magazines Click here for the full article.
Clarissa Burt

Going Downtown with your Girlfriends

Happy Valentine’s Day Fashionistas! February is the season of love, giving us ladies the perfect excuse to get all dolled up. It’s time to feel glamorous ladies get ready Click here for the full article.
Dr Peggy Marshall

Commitment to Your Goals

We are now well into 2013 and you may find yourself losing some momentum towards the goals/resolutions you set for yourself at the beginning of the year. A good check for yourself might be to examine Click here for the full article.
Kas Winters

Use Organization to Teach Life Long Lessions

Organization! It’s one of those words that many people find scary and youngsters don’t seem to like it at all. Yet, even a few bits of it can reduce stress for parents and kids too. Here are a few ideas that worked for our family and might help yours. Click here for the full article.
Sydney Paige McCutcheon

Tennis Anyone

My sister and I for the past couple of months have taken up tennis lessons. What we thought would be nice experiment has turned into something we enjoy doing as well as hard work to acquire the skill of a tennis player. Our first lesson with the instructor was very humorous - we would hit the tennis ball forward, and it would go sideways or behind us, up in the air even. My sister almost hit me in the head! We also got a few close jibs to our instructor Click here for the full article.