Sydney Paige McCutcheon

Sydney Paige McCutcheon “Spring Cleaning”

Spring-cleaning came early this year . . . or did it just come again?

Sydney Paige McCutcheon

Sydney Paige McCutcheon

Last night I went through my closet – finally! For some reason previous times I’ve wanted to go through my clothes, it was a struggle for me to let them go. I would see a top that I hadn’t worn in over three years and think …  “Hmmm . . . I might wear it . . .” but the truth is I won’t.

So, on a whim, I decided to go through all my clothes and put the ones I no longer wanted, fitted, or ever wore into a pile to be given away. My sister sat on my bed folding clean clothes washed over the weekend and I popped in “Return to Cranford” dvd for us to watch.

Within an hour my floor and the edge of my bed were covered in hangers while a pile of clothes grew outside my doorway. It was nice though, getting rid of so much stuff that I didn’t need or even wear. My closet was soon breathable.

My sister had yet to see the floor and gasped in shock at the amount of hangers. I was laughing in horror as well. How would I get them all up? With speed and grit, we managed, my sister laughing at my idea (I decided to hang groups of hangers on a hanger – say that three times fast haha). There were enough to cover a five foot pole.

Anyhow, point is, it’s good to clean out some things. If you are like how I was, hesitating to get rid of items, sometimes you need to just do it! Throw it out! Get rid of it! You don’t use it anyway~ give it to someone who will!

I feel refreshed after all that and when I look at my closet I smile. Now for my drawers . . . .

Maybe spring-cleaning will come again for you? Make sure you don’t toss things you truly will miss – that would not be fun. But if it is something like clothes or shoes, that is a good thing to start with. Remember, you can always buy another shirt or pair of shoes. It always gives you a reason (or excuse haha) to buy new things if you want – things that you will actually wear.

I want to also say Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you get to enjoy it with family or close friends this year – it is a great time to spend with those you love. I will be of course spending it with my Dad, Mom and sister. Eat lots of food and don’t worry about calories! You can work it all off shopping the next day! God Bless!

Psalm 107:1

“Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; His love endures forever.”