Stings May Represent Hurtful Remarks

Stings May Represent Hurtful Remarks

Dear Cynthia:

Cynthia RichmondI had a dream in which I was walking through a forest and someone was walking behind me, possibly my sister-in-law.

Then I was stung repeatedly on my arms and legs by a swarm of bees. It was very uncomfortable. I kept pulling out the stingers, but couldn’t pull them out as fast as I was being stung.

I thought the dream was about taking responsibility for overcoming adversity, but I am not certain about the symbolic meaning of bees. Thanks for your help.

~Karen, San Tan

Dear Karen:

The dream takes place in a forest, which is symbolic for the unconscious mind, as we cannot possibly know what is in the forest by looking at the first rows of trees. It is home for all of the inhabitants it feeds and shelters and is also associated with balance and the need to provide protection and sustenance. Bees have several symbolic meanings. They sting but they also make honey, so like the forest they are associated with balance. Little in life is all bad or all good. Even the worst things offer an opportunity to learn valuable lessons and to grow. Bee stings since they penetrate or get under your skin can represent stinging, hurtful comments or judgments directed your way. You remove them but can’t keep up with the pace of the stings or jabs.

In the language of dreams arms represent embracing life while legs are what we stand on and for, our foundation and our mobility.

What role does your sister-in-law play in your life? Is she behind you and supportive or do her comments and criticisms hurt your feelings?

When criticism is directed our way, we are wise to consider if there is any truth to it. Ask yourself, does this comment apply to me—is it accurate? If yes, then mentally thank the critic for showing you something valuable. Next learn and grow, ask what action would I like to take regarding this new awareness?

However, if the judgmental comment does not apply to you, let it go! It is much more about the speaker and his or her projections than it is about you. As Taylor Swift has sung, “Shake it Off!”

If you are in doubt or having insecure or confused feelings about the verbal stings, ask a trusted friend or family member for his or her thoughts. We can all improve by being open to personal growth. Then again, constant exposure to chronically negative people depletes us and can have devastating effects of our own health and well-being.

If you need to be around negative Nellies or Neds this holiday season, protect yourself with your own positive thoughts and find things that you are sincerely grateful for to focus on. Find the balance. The best news is that you are in control of your own thoughts!

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