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What is a digital publication?
A digital publication is an online presentation that might be a digital version of a print magazine or it might be a magazine that was created specifically for the Internet.

Digital publications are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. First, you can save printing and postage costs by publishing digitally. Second, you are able to reach a whole new audience by distributing or making available your digital magazine to the online world with easy access to share feature. Finally, you can make money by selling Ads, and surveys inside your digital magazine.

In short, the upside of digital magazines is huge for you and your business or organization. It will keep you connected with your current customers and bring in new ones with your own magazine.

Other Benefits……. Your digital magazine will sit on Discover the Region’s website bookshelf and is easily shared on all Social Media Outlets.

Digital Publications:

  • Please contact DTR for final pricing.
  • You will submit business logo, information, profile picture, original content & pictures of your product if needed.
  • DTR will create a beautiful digital magazine, with two edits and final approval from you.
  • You will receive a link (see links above) to distribute to your customers, post on social media.

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