She May Be Running From Job Stress

She May Be Running From Job Stress

Cynthia RichmondDear Cynthia:
I’m 28. I work very hard at a job I love but in which I have yet to advance. I have a loving family and wonderful friends.

I’ve been having a recurring dream for about 10 years. It involves me being chased.

The house I lived in while I was a child is often the place I’m being chased in or from.

Once, a huge dinosaur was chasing me, another time I was being chased by men in fatigues, and most recently I dreamed a renegade family was chasing me. I never recognize the chasers, and sometimes someone from my family is being chased too. I usually wake up the split second before I’m caught with a super-fast heartbeat.


Dear Laurie,

Being chased is a common theme in dreams and nightmares.

The racing heartbeat can be very unsettling, I know, I have experienced this too.

Often we are actually being pursued or pressured in our waking state, perhaps by a demanding boss or an unreasonable

partner. Or the creature chasing you could be symbolic for a part of yourself, such as your own high expectations. Being chased could also indicate a circumstance—such as a deadline catching up with you.

When a dinosaur is chasing you, it may be big, scary and powerful—but dinosaurs in the language of dreams represent outlived ideas. Goals that have become extinct due to the fast and changing pace of the workplace due to technology, which seems to ever become obsolete, as the latest and greatest gadget is unveiled. Uncomfortable memories could fall into this category as well.

Men in fatigues could represent the male or the militant aspects of yourself; do you have rigid ideas about things generally associated with “male” responsibilities? This could represent anxiety about not being further along in your career. Do you think in black & white, right and wrong? It may be time to be kinder with yourself and redefine your goals.

Renegades have abandoned one way of believing or living for another. Since a member of your family is sometimes with you, and your childhood home is also a recurring feature, it may be that you have this dream when you are re-thinking goals begun in childhood. Some of these goals may make you feel like a traitor for changing your mind. Times have changed; give yourself a high five for being able to go with the flow!

Since you began having the dream about the time you presumably graduated and entered the job work force, determining ways in which you can relieve stress related to your career should help calm these dreams as well.

I wish you peaceful dreams and helpful answers.

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