Sea Monsters Churn Up Scary Emotions

Sea Monsters Churn Up Scary Emotions


Cynthia RichmondDear Cynthia: I had a very odd dream the other night in which an assortment of miniature sea monster-like fish were swimming in the lake. I was on a family vacation (although I don’t recall seeing my family members; I just felt their presence.)

The monster-fish were above and below the surface of the water.

I was afraid of these “monsters” but was enthralled by their existence and sheer number. There were so many—and so many varieties of them—that I could not understand how they had the space to move.

Off to the side was a young woman whom I’d thought rather plain in appearance when I’d seen her walking around the inn (actually she looked a lot like me). She waded into the water stark naked and appeared very beautiful that time.

I had been afraid to go into the water in case some venomous creature might sting me, but I was left with a serene feeling.


Dear Patti,

The woman in your dream does represent you. The sea monsters in the lake represent family members or your negative emotional associations to them. In the language of dreams, bodies of water can represent emotions…in your dream you fear the old emotional situations and don’t want to jump into those situations again.

In dreams monsters are ugly, repressed feelings haunting the dreamer. These live deep in the emotions but can surface as well. We can’t really escape them, but we don’t always feel comfortable re-visiting them and getting stung or hurt again.

The number of fish in your dreams may refer to the size of your family, the number of abusive or offensive occurrences or to all of the dark and difficult emotions you feel where they are concerned.

In your dream you are on vacation. This may be an indication from your subconscious mind that you can now comfortably identify any uncomfortable feelings you may have buried. Most of us would probably prefer not to revisit old negativity. You may be able to fool yourself into thinking that all is forgotten and fine now, but you can’t fool your subconscious mind.

Your dreams reveal that there are unresolved feelings, however when you are willing to jump in and swim with the monsters, you emerge beautiful and serene.

Being nude is being willing to expose your true self. When you do, it turns out beautifully, another indication that you may be ready to dive into your feelings and memories and do the work, as they say, to shift into a serene and lovely future.
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Deepak Chopras

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