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Pain Relief Safety

Pain Relief Safety

Dr Bret WilsonAll of us experience pain from time to time. We strain performing chores, lift something improperly; stress our neck and shoulders at the computer. Acute musculoskeletal pain or headache is the result. The common first attempt to relieve this type of pain is the use of over the counter pain relievers. No need for a prescription or a trip to the doctor, just reach for a bottle, take a few couple tablets and feel better. It must be safe; you can buy it over the counter. Some suffer more long standing recurrent pain in the joints, back pain, headaches. For chronic pain sufferers, a couple in the morning and a couple at night are taken on a regular basis for years, as if they are a supplement rather than a medication. Still others take a dose prior to golf or other physical activity to allow for less pain during participation. But are these medications safe? How many can or should you take and for how long? If you are self- treating with a type of non-steroidal anti- inflammatory (NSAIDs), you should do some research on the safety, benefits and risks of these products.

Safety and Availability

Over the counter pain medications are not without risk. The FDA has recently issued a stronger warning to consumers about the increased risk of stroke and heart attack with the use of NSAIDs.  Acetaminophen, brand names such as Tylenol, has shown to cause liver damage, impairing detoxification and worsening asthma. Ibuprofen (Motrin) leads to increased risk of stroke and heart attack. Aspirin causes gastrointestinal bleeding.  Naproxen is another in this category sold as Aleve. These products are often in other products and you may unwittingly be getting a higher dose or unhealthy combination of medications. If you are being treated for heart disease, high blood pressure, liver or kidney disorders you risk increases even more. Long term use of these medications for joint and back pain associated with impairment of the bodies healing and repair mechanism and causes the degeneration of the joint to progress.

Safer Alternatives

Many types of musculoskeletal pain can be safely treated with non-medicinal ways. Alternatives include use of ice andDr Bret Wilson heat to ease inflammation and muscle soreness. Rest is the antidote for pain caused by fatigue. Mild movement and exercise is the best resolution for the delayed onset of muscle soreness after over exertion of physical activity. The use of essential oils, herbal creams and salves can relieve many sort term and chronic pains by massaging the affected areas. Hydrate to restore tissue and wash out toxins. Improve your diet to reduce inflammation. Nutritional, herbal and homeopathic alternatives can aid in the bodies recovery and reduce pain, inflammation. Proteolytic enzymes found in plant based resources can aid in inflammation, provided support and aid in healing. Herbals such as turmeric, ginger, Boswellia are nature’s powerful anti-inflammatory agents. Glucosamine improves the health the connective tissue in joints. White willow bark has shown to be more effective and safer than aspirin. Magnesium can aid in relief of migraine. Valerian root is an herbal muscle relaxer and sleep aid.

Manipulation and physical therapy can treat back and neck pain, headaches and joint pain without medication. Relief is often quicker, longer lasting and safer.

Make Better Choices

Treating aches and pains with over the counter medication is common. Greater caution and consciousness of the risks and safety of these products can help you make better decisions. Read the consumer warnings provided with the products you intent to use. Seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist. If you are already taking other medications or treating for heart disease or hypertension, find out the possible side effects of OTC medication. Be careful with combining medication. Consider alternatives to medication. Use and enhance your body’s natural recuperative powers. Seek consultation and treatment from a chiropractor. Find safe and healthy alternatives for relief of pain.

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