It’s clear that the Academy Awards Sees Diversity as a Big Joke


My best friend asked me if we were boycotting the Oscars last weekend. Without hesitation, I said “Let’s watch it.” I wanted to see how the Academy Awards were going to address the whole #oscarssowhite issue. I was hoping that the whole lack of diversity problem would be mentioned in a classy, conservative way. I knew Chris Rock was going to say something. But what Eboni LaceyI didn’t expect was that the Academy Awards would actually make a horrible joke about something so sensitive – diversity.

I understand that jokes were going to happen due to having a comedian known for addressing race actually hosting the show. But, whoever decided to put Stacey Dash on the stage clearly didn’t see the true meaning of the entire hashtag. Stacey Dash insulted the entire black community on Fox News stating that we should no longer have a BET, Image Awards or Black History Month.

BET is one of the only networks that consistently showcase black actors, writers and directors that you would never see on any other channel. In 1967, the NAACP created the Image Awards in order to award people of color as they were not receiving nominations for Oscars and Grammys. Black History Month has educated all races on so many pillars of American history with facts that you never hear about on any other month. It’s obvious that most black people had an issue with her statement, so why would they bring her on the stage as a joke?

In addition to that, the main topic of Chris Rock’s material is all about the Oscars being “so white.” They threw in so many comedic parodies and sarcastic jokes, that I wondered if I was watching SNL or the Academy Awards.

What the hell is this?

From Chris Rock interviewing black people in Compton claiming that they’ve never seen any of the movies nominated, to the black girls that were Girl scouts collecting money from the audience for cookies, the whole time I felt that the Academy Awards turned diversity into a meaningless joke.

Perhaps the only reason they even acknowledged #oscarssowhite was the fact that it was trending on Twitter. Maybe the lack of diversity seemed as more of a way to make fun of the black struggle rather than an actually address problem.

Why is it that the only time a black person receives an Oscar is when they are portraying a slave, servant or any other forms of the help?

Maybe its me but diversity is not something I can simply laugh about, especially when it is Black History Month (last month) and I see more news about black people dying in the streets, rather than breaking through historic barriers. It’s sad that I find out more history about black people on social media than I find on actual television networks.

Eboni LaceyThe Academy Awards had an opportunity to take a stand towards true integration and though they did give it positive acknowledgement with speeches from Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs and actor/comedian Kevin Hart, I only wished the Academy Awards would have kept the issue of diversity on the serious side, so that the message of integration isn’t overlooked with laughter.

I can only wonder who will be nominated next year and when the Academy Awards will actually reflect what’s really going on the modern America. Until next year…

Here’s another thought. If Kevin Hart, who is known as the funniest man in America, knew to keep diversity a serious issue, why couldn’t Chris Rock do the same. I guess there is a difference when a check is involved.