Nassim Sana, MC

How to Enhance Your Life

How to enhance your life with Meditation


Nassim SanaDid you know you have been meditating every day without even knowing it? I have news for you, yes you have and here’s how. Whatever is on your mind most of the time, whatever you think about frequently, the thoughts, concerns and intentions that are center of your thoughts are the focus of your meditation. When you are worrying and are filled with anxiety and fear, your mind is meditating on that. Even when you’re dancing, running, playing sport games, your mind is zoned in on that particular activity. I know I have experienced this many times driving in my car from point A to point B and I’m deep in thought about a project, a conversation I had with a friend, or all the things I still need to get completed for my work week. I’m so focused on my own thoughts that I’m not fully aware of the outside world. My mind is in a meditative state and my body is on auto pilot driving me safely to my destination. Any of this sound familiar? So imagine if we took this skill that we already have and incorporate it into our lives in an effective and powerful way, where you can get the results you need.

These days we occupy our lives with so much busy-work that we forget to slow down and take a breath, and get centered on the parts of our lives that are important to us. This is the tool that can help us feel centered and calm. What I really love about this tool is that no matter the lifestyle or background you come from it can work you. Studies continue to show how the various forms of meditations can increase emotional balance, increase immunity, lower blood pressure, and create calmness and so much more. For example, a study in Harvard Medical School found that meditation lowered blood pressure, making the body less responsive to stress hormones. Another study was conducted by Dr. Herbert Benson, founder of Mind-Body Medical Institute, which is affiliated with Harvard University and several Boston hospitals. This research reported that meditation induces a host of biochemical and physical changes in the body collectivity referred to as the “relaxation response”. The relaxation response changes heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, metabolism and brain chemistry.

I have been utilizing this empowering tool for well over 10 years. Meditation has helped center me holistically (mind, body and spirit). I enjoy meditating in the morning when my mind is still quiet or at night when I’m ready to put my day to rest. I prefer to use various types of mediation, for example guided mediations, breath focus, mantra, or body scan. Here are some other ways you can meditate, stillness meditation, energy meditation, walking mediation, and visual meditation. If you love the outdoors, go for a hike, pick a spot, sit down, clear your mind and only focus on your surroundings, and begin to take slow long breaths from your stomach. If you prefer indoor, I recommend the Franciscan Renewal Center, they have mediation rooms and I promise you will love them. Be creative; think outside the box; you can meditate in many different places. Investigate and explore what types of mediation work for you. The important thing to remember about meditation is that there is no right or wrong way of doing it; it’s all about what works best for you. To all the readers, I’m enrolling you in a challenge this week: for one week meditate for at least 5 minutes. My recommendation is to first decide when and where you want to meditate, then make a commitment to yourself and put it in your calendar. Next step find the place you want to meditate, once you get comfortable, close your eyes and begin taking long slow, deep breaths from your abdomen, and imaging a beautiful spring day. Imagine yourself sitting on grassy ground, soft spring breeze washing over you, sunlight gently wrapping your body, birds singing, smell spring flowers all around you, the soft rustling of tree branches and the sound of a babbling brook nearby. Continue to be in that space for as long as you can. During the meditation you can create a clearing in your mind and ask yourself important questions that you have been contemplating on. Once you are ready to come back open your eyes slowly and once again become aware of your surroundings. Have a pen and paper ready to journal what you’re becoming aware of, what you need and what you’re going to create going forward with your life. Remember, honor your inner self, and take yourself on as a partner– you’re worth it.