Nanette Bowles Finish Strong

 Nanette Bowles Finish Strong

Dr. Nanette Bowles

Some think it’s human nature to want as much as possible for as little as possible, to be lazy, to give up. I don’t think this is a trait we’re born with but one we sadly learn over time.  When a toddler is learning to walk they fall down often but they keep trying.  What if they just remained on the floor, thinking to themselves, “I’ll never be able to walk!!”?


Thankfully we did not give up that effort as children and hopefully we can recognize that the drive to keep going IS in us if we start by considering a few simple things:


Do we “get healthy” or do we Work for it?

Do we “demand respect” or do we Earn It?

Do we “get” a salary or do we Earn it?

Do we “luck out” or make ourselves Prepared?

Do we “get” good grades or do we Earn them?


A healthy body does not come in a can and the surgeon can only make us “look” better.  To be healthy, we need to put forth the effort to live an active and balanced life with nutritious food.  Respect must be earned then should not be taken for granted.  Working hard for what we earn is a sign of integrity and can give us a sense of purpose.  Success is a combination of preparation and opportunity.  And grades are not given but earned.

Sadly, some live with a sense of entitlement and are shocked when things in life are not handed to them. As a college professor, I am shocked when students get upset at the failing grades they EARNED when they did not come to class or complete assignments.

Paying tuition does not earn you a good grade or a degree.  Paying the monthly gym membership does not earn you a healthy body.  Just showing up for work does not earn you a paycheck.  Wishing for success does not make it happen.

In all of this, perseverance is critical.  Imagine an athlete who trained hard for a marathon then gave up just before reaching the finish line or a student who completes all but one class to earn a degree (sadly, I know some who have done this).  One can start with good intentions but unless they intentionally make efforts to achieve their goals, they are like a hamster on a running wheel.

“Consider the postage stamp; its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing until it gets there.” Josh Billings

We have all been given life and the breathe and heartbeat to sustain it.  What we do what that life is up to us.  How we use the decades, years, months, weeks, days, minutes, and seconds is our choosing.  Choose wisely and finish Strong!