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5 New ways to Experience a Healthy Holiday

5 New Ways to Experience a Healthy Holiday
By Melanie Albert, Founder & CEO Experience Nutrition

Melanie AlbertI’m sure you’ve read a lot about making your holiday healthy, but it sounds like way too much work. EXPERIENCE NUTRITION’s key philosophy is to enjoy food and life. I invite you really enjoy making your holiday healthy with 5 simple, fun experiences: Eat local, create a tradition, practice self care, cook pizza on the grill and try wild Alaskan salmon.

  • Eat local and with the season. Enjoy cooking with in season produce by visiting a farmers market and trying some new-to-you foods. There’s so much available right here in Phoenix this time of year from roots, like sweet potatoes, parsnips, and radishes, to all kinds of greens, like kale, arugula and bok choy, and local citrus, such as kumquats, which are even growing in my yard right now.
  • Create a warm holiday tradition. I grew up in Pennsylvania, where the traditions were chilly: building snowmen, ice skating, snow skiing, and drinking hot chocolate sitting by the fire. Take time this season to create a special holiday tradition in our warm climate. Is it holiday caroling, a Christmas morning run or hike, afternoon fun at the park, a round of golf, or plant an herb garden? Make it the year to create a special holiday tradition in our warm climate for you and your family to appreciate as memories for your lifetime.
  • Practice self care. During this busy holiday season, make sure to take time for you. Do something very special just for you that you love to do. Choose one and do it: enjoy a massage, yoga class, quiet nature walk, fishing, sporting event, the theater, art museum, or your own favorite self care activity.
  • Experiment with pizza on the grill. One of my favorite holiday traditions is cooking pizza on the grill. Have fun with your family and friends creating your own pizzas with your favorite toppings.  Choose your pizza toppings, make your own crust – with or without gluten – and have fun grilling. I especially love toppings like sautéed broccoli, collard greens and garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto, olives, pine nuts and goat cheese. Take a look at the step-by-step photos to make pizza on grill on our Experience Nutrition Facebook
  • Try grilled wild Alaskan salmon for the holidays. Many people love turkey for the holidays, but salmon is a delicious, simple to prepare, healthy option. When you purchase salmon, be sure to buy wild not farmed salmon. Wild salmon is cleaner, has more of the healthy omega-3 fats and tastes better, too.  Learn more about why salmon is a such a good fat, more tips on how to shop for salmon and check out our simple grilled wild Alaskan sockeye salmon recipe on the Experience Nutrition

Enjoy your holiday and have fun experimenting with one of our new ways to experience a healthy holiday. .

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Photo: Grilling wild Alaskan sockeye salmon with Melanie Albert and former NFL player, Arizona Cardinal, John Bronson