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Kids, Football and Fitness

Kids, Football and Fitness

Play60Regular physical activity is important for everyone’s health. The habits we develop as children can and will have an effect on our health in later years. Exercise and physical activity does not just happen, it must be a goal.  Our children’s modern lives are more sedentary, filled with computer games, smartphones and television entertainment. Leisure time is too often couch time and not time spent with activity outdoors. Childhood obesity  and other diseases are on the rise due to reduced fitness. Take action to get the kids off the couch and into some exercise.

The National Football League and the American Heart Association have developed a campaign Play60 to promote sixty minutes of physical activity   a day for kids. As part of the recent Super Bowl festivities in Phoenix the NFL Experience included many interactive physical activities for children of all ages designed to run, jump, throw and kick their way to better health. The website includes planners, nutrition advice and game activity ideas for kids. There is resource information for parents, teachers and coaches.

A recent study found that full contact football in children under the age of 12 had long range consequences into their adult life resulting in a higher incidence of cognitive impairments. The researchers theorized that traumatic brain injuries in the developing brain resulted in some permanent damage that showed up as symptoms later in life. Further investigation is needed.

Concussion awareness has been a recent point of emphasis in sports and recreation. Concussions may occur in football, soccer, biking and skate boarding. Football has had a lot of the recent attention. The USA Football and the Centers for Disease Control have developed programs to educate parents, players, and coaches on prevention, recognition and proper management of brain injuries. The Heads Up program teaches tackling and blocking techniques that reduce the risk of traumatic brain injury. Football skills can be developed without full contact with flag football. The CDC provides information and materials for better recognition and treatment of head injury.

We all can be healthier by being more active. Sports and recreational games are a great way to have fun and get in shape. Choose activities that are safe and appropriate for the child’s age and level of development. Stay informed and involved in your child’s sports and fitness to help them to develop into healthier adults.

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