Clarissa Burt

Phoenix Fashion Week

Phoenix Fashion Week
Karyssa Wilhelm

Clarissa BurtThe fashion-minded and artists alike have heard of and marked the famous New York, Paris, and Milan Fashion Weeks. Marrying the art of runway and fashion design while showcasing a new collection isn’t a new concept. Now, right in our backyard we have talented designers whose fashion-forward designs so graciously kiss our runway and mark a pin on Phoenix on the fashion map. Phoenix is a frenzy of fashion forward fury to be reckoned with, and this year, fashion week showed this to be unabashedly true.  With local and prestigious established designers sprinkling the shows with their au courant styles, Phoenix Fashion Week 2012 was an utmost success in numerous ways. So, fashionistas, bloggers, and artists alike, book your calendars for next year’s event, because the forecast shows that it is one that you won’t want to miss.

Phoenix Fashion Week has been infamous the last seven years for bridging designers and buyers. Phoenix has recently realized that it has the means behind the madness to support such a multifaceted event. In order to have successful runway shows, there have to be buyers there to purchase these new lines so that designers can further their line. People at the head of fashion week have thoughtfully scoured the United States and parts of Mexico in order to find the best designers with the most potential, and conversely brought in buyers who can partner with them to launch their line. Phoenix Fashion Week has shown that this method is successful the last couple years by launching up and becoming a backbone for up and coming designers as well as lending support to more established ones who are now successful and throwing themselves full-force into the fashion realm.

Phoenix isn’t just making the fashion local and personal, but it is also getting more intimate by letting local models rule the runway shows as well. This year, Smartwater sponsored this model competition. The top 40 models showcase the amazing designs by having the opportunity to sashay across the runway in cutting-edge apparel. To have this privilege of a national debut into the modeling world, the models had to first pass a series of challenges. From headshots, to critiqued runway challenges, only the best emerged on the runway during Phoenix Fashion week. The prize was competition-worthy, and a reputable one. The winner, Madison Brown, received the title as “Model of the Year 2012” and received a modeling contract from Agency Arizona.

The show had a lot of components, which sequentially made it an unabbreviated success. The week started out with Fashionable Pink, a celebrity fashion show benefiting Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure. All the designers meticulously crafted a pink outfit to be worn by breast cancer survivors and celebrities alike. This runway show was the precursor the the other shows and set a great aura for the rest of the fashion-packed week by supporting a worthy and extensive cause.

The ever-so-anticipated and striking moment of the four-day shows was by Furne One, the designer and owner of brand, Amato Haute Couture. The designer’s roots lie in Dubai, but this doesn’t stop him from dressing Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, and other superstars. This show made everyone’s fashion heart throb with garment envy. These ethereal designers were nothing short of extrasensory and extraordinary. Every dress could stand alone and speak volumes of itself, but the entire collection left you numb with a rarefied fashion high. Each article was so carefully picked. The mood of the show was ornate dresses meets celestial brilliance.

This year’s show was one for the books, and Phoenix Fashion will continue to gain prominence as Phoenix continues to host this note-worthy event. The fashion world better watch out for the southwest as it is continuing to gain inertia and swelling with prominent international reputable success.