Love your Body pledge

Join the movement and PLEDGE to love your body

Join the movement and PLEDGE to love your body

Who would ever think that two simple words could create an international movement? BODY LOVE. Since the launch of the #bodylovepledge in May, women from all around the world have pledged to love their bodies and truly embrace every single bit of it – even their imperfections.

Body Love started as a personal story of mine – a self-reflection after years of battling body obsession and a nearly decade long eating disorder. It came from a place of pain yet also a place of triumph. The minute I realized that life is too short to keep depriving my body of the love it deserves, I screamed it from the mountain top – literally.  I wanted to share the love that I’ve been hiding from myself, as I knew other women have been depriving themselves too. Thus, the pledge was born.

Body Love has created such an impact in other womens’ lives, from women that are posting body love at the gym and in their before and afters, to others that are rockin crop tops and body suits for the very first time.

Body Love was showcased at the 2016 Amber Rose Slut Walk – an internationally recognized historical event that educates on the need for consent and empowers women to not be afraid to wear what they want and do what they want with their bodies. Body Love has been worn by both celebrities such as Artist and Model Tori Brixx and Youtube Vloger Famous Ronn, and well respected feminist activists such as Amber The Activist, Anastasia Amour and Paola of the brand Chubby Babe.

On Oct. 13, Body Love will be on the runway at Phoenix Fashion Week which will be the very first time that graphic apparel promoting body positivity will ever be showcased at a formal fashion show.

Body Love has not only been a blessing in my life but it has been a blessing to others and it has literally changed women’s perspectives on their bodies and empowered women to love themselves just a little bit more.

We are humbling asking all women out there to join this movement and take the body love pledge. Check out our official body love pledge video and see how you can get involved by visiting

Also, we have decided to create a body positivity camp for young girls in an attempt to rid our culture of fat shaming, especially when it comes to the youth. The camp will encompass fitness, beauty, female bonding and numerous classes about self-love. If you are interested in donating to our body positive camp, please reach out to us via email at