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Should you ever run an Ad without seeing it

Should you ever run an Ad without seeing it?

By Jodie Wilson

It seems like a simple question.  Always make sure you are the final on your ad. No one knows your business like you.

Never give blanket permission for an ad to be published without seeing it.  EVER. If the ad that is being created is unsightly or appears to be ineffective, you may have to make the decision between a poorly produced ad being conjured up at the last minute and giving up your space. Don’t run a poor ad.  Even if it is cheap to run, this means you will only lose less money.  There is nothing worse in advertising then an ad that loses money. Remember, this could be in the hands of people for a long time.  If it is published on the internet it could be forever.

Listen to your instinct.  If you have a bad feeling or you don’t think the ad will draw, forget it.  It’ll be cheaper in the long run to NOT run the ad, than to lose money on a bad ad.