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Increase your Marketing Readership

Jodie Wilson

Jodie Wilson

Increase your Marketing Readership with a Double Path Article.

There are two types of readerships Analytical and Impulsive. So to get the most bang for your buck you need to appeal to these two personality extremes. While most sales letters appeal to one extreme at the expense of the other, you can very easily incorporate both.

The impulsive readers rarely read long copy, if they do, they’ll read it only after skimming the article and if something peaks their interest. For them you need to lay out the offer quickly. Bold, Boxed, Circled, Highlighted short paragraphs can help you draw them in.

The analytical prospect can be provided a more complete readership path. The impulsive information just becomes  “signposts” for the analytical reader. The analytical reader will read long copy, in fact they require it to bring them to a point of interest. They like statistics, charts, graphs and hard information. With that information at hand they feel they are making an informed decision.

As you read sales material you can identify your style, and the style of the writer. The next time you are addressing a number of people incorporate  both styles and your odds of the sale will be doubled.

Jodie Wilson