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Yes Your Friends and Family will Lie to You

Yes, Your Friends & Family Will Lie to You

Jodie Heisner

Submitted by Jodie Heisner

I hate to break the news, but it’s a fact. When you ask your close friends and family how you did during your recent TV interview, what they thought of your presentation or the quotes in the paper from your print interview, they will tell you bold faced lies. (Oh employees too, they will also lie their butts off.) “You were great.” “We’re so proud of you.” “You are a natural.” “You killed it buddy.” “Dude that was awesome.”

You would do the same for them. Boost their confidence. After all, what are you going to say when your friend comes to you all excited about the big appearance, “Uhh you seemed really nervous and unprepared for the reporters questions.”
Unless you are me, you wouldn’t say that to them and they won’t say it to you.
So how do you really judge how you did?
Here are a few simple ways to get an honest evaluation.

  • Talk to someone (a co-worker or peer) you don’t have a close bond with and ask them to give you an honest opinion. Let them know there will be no hard feelings and don’t get defensive when they share their thoughts.
  • Wait 48 hours, then review the video yourself (always record your presentations). Ask yourself; Do you look as nervous as you felt? Are you looking at the host/reporter/audience or are your eyes darting around? Are you fidgeting? Are you speaking in soundbites? Are you sharing examples or spouting facts? Be sure to wait, reviewing it too soon could mean emotions override what’s really on the video in a negative or positive way.
  • If you are concerned about how you did, you really want an honest opinion and you really want to get better, it’s time to consider a coach. Once you start working with us, your reputation is our reputation. We believe all spokespeople doing media interviews/videos should be professionally media trained, but we won’t suggest more training unless it is truly needed.

We’re sorry to break the news about your friends, family and employees, but maybe now you won’t put them on the spot. Have a great Summer and stay cool out there, even if you’re in the hot seat.

All My Best,
Jodie Heisner
President, Bottomline Media Coaching