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Maricopa Live Steamers

 Maricopa Live Steamers

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By Cathy Droz and Cathy Burford

Cathy droz and Cathy BurfordHonestly, I can’t remember how long ago I first heard about Maricopa Live Steamers and their Sunday train rides, but I do recall taking our first grandchild there as soon as she was old enough to ride. We took movies of her sitting in the scale model train, back erect, taking in all of the miniature towns that were created by the MLS army of volunteers.  My first impression of this facility was amazement that they provide train rides free of charge on Sundays.  That said, donations are welcome and I can’t imagine not leaving a donation to help this organization maintain this desert train park! As with any group of enthusiasts, the Railroad Preservation Society of Maricopa Live Steamers has a passion for what they do.  Many of their members build and maintain their own locomotives, and they even offer junior memberships for those under 18 who also feel the need to preserve this unique scaled-down version of the locomotives that were so important in the expansion of our country. Thank goodness these steam-powered engines didn’t go the way of the steam automobile! While we grandparents can appreciate the history and hard work that goes into maintaining this one-of-a-kind train park, our grandchildren will simply remember who much fun it is!  With over 14 miles of track, they will have a nice long train ride, and they will be mesmerized by the little bridges, comical decorations, and western towns that they ride past.

The train cars are not covered, so be sure to apply sunblock before your bring your little ones out.  The park is also available for birthday parties and celebrations if you are interested.

If You Go: Maricopa Live Steamers 23280 N 43rd Ave. Glendale, AZ (Across from Wet & Wild)
Open Labor Day – Memorial Day on Sundays from Noon-5 (last train departs at 4:30) Rides are free – donations accepted