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Gem Water
Dr. Bret Wilson
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In the process of falling to the earth, seeping into the ground, and then emerging, water obtains information from various minerals and becomes wise.”  — Masaru Emoto

Water is important to sustaining life and health.  Water makes up sixty percent of our body and covers seventy-one percent of our planet.  We are aware of the importance of water for drinking, cooking, bathing, agriculture and recreation.  Water creates boundaries, provides a method of transport and affects our weather.  With the abundance and influence of water in our lives, there are some who think we can influence water in unconventional ways to improve our health and lives.

Water responds to different stimuli, we know it to be a reactive substance.  Put water in the freezer and you produce ice, put water on the stove and the water boils, producing steam.  Put a cup of water in the microwave, a form of radiation passes through the water, changing the vibration of the molecules, heating the water.  Place water and tea bags in a clear jar, set it in the sun for a few hours and the result is tea, produced by the sun’s rays.  The energy of the sun changes the water.

There is evidence that water reacts to more subtle stimuli and radiation, but the result is no less profound.  Dr. Masaru Emoto,  Author and Researcher from Japan, exposed water to music words and images.  He then quick froze the water, and took photographs under a microscope of the crystals formed.  The water responded differently to positive and negative stimuli.  Positive words such as “love” created beautiful and symmetrical water crystals, while water exposed to the word “hate” produced crystals that were asymmetrical and chaotic.  Dr. Emoto surmised that the water responded to the energy (vibration or resonance) of the stimulus.  He wrote a book about the theory “The hidden Messages in Water”.

Another group of scientists propose that water has memory,  the ability to retain an energy imprint, from the energies it is exposed to.  The idea is the mechanism on which homeopathic remedies are produced.  The remedy is diluted from the original solution so many times that there is not a single molecule of the original substance left in the solution, only the energy imprint.  The body then responds to the vibration without being exposed to the actual substance.   An experiment led by Jacques Benveniste and a  team of French scientists, seems to show that water with the memory of an antibody caused the same cellular response.  Other experiments have shown digital frequencies could be used to replicate the same frequency in water exposed to those same frequencies, even though they were separated by large distances, by separate experimenters (Luc Montagnier).   These ideas are in contradiction to conventional science and have met with mixed results, but the concepts are interesting and require further research.

All forms of matter are a form of energy, or as Einstein stated, “Everything is energy”.  Crystals and gemstones are specific forms of matter with their own unique vibration or resonance.  Gem water is produced when gem stones and crystals are placed in or proximate to water.  Some believe that crystals have certain energies that can influence a person’s health and wellbeing.  Quartz for example is considered a powerful amplifier of energy and dispels negative energy.  Rose quartz is thought to have properties that promote forgiveness and compassion.  Different crystals or gems can be chosen for perceived properties or simply for their aesthetics.

Water is a major component of our body and our world.  We learn new concepts about how the universe interacts and responds every day.  Consider with an open mind the concepts of water and the factors that influence it.  Then consider how we can use this knowledge in our daily lives to help ourselves, our family and our world.


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Dr. Bret Wilson

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