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Eboni Lacey Dealing with Your First Night Alone

Dealing with Your First Night Alone

Eboni LaceyWe as women jump for joy at the slightest possibility that we can potentially be in a relationship. A good date, a man saying he can’t stop thinking about us, or the very tiniest hint of affection will send our emotions into haywire. Every book on the market celebrates relationships – what to do to get one, what to do to keep one and why you must constantly stay in one. But what do you do when you get dumped? Or when you realize that the cookie-cuter relationship you thought you had was all BS? What do you do the first night when you realize you are all alone and by yourself?

The first night alone is by far the loneliest night of all. You spend hours in bed crying your eyes out and thinking about the last words that he said to you. You think about all those moments that you had together and all the good times.


Moving on is easier said then done of course. Naturally, you will be thinking about him, and wondering why things didn’t work. But, don’t let it get to you. Think about yourself and the things you want your other half to do for you. Think about your future or your job or children. Appreciate your life and the good things – rather it be your healthy lifestyle, your recent raise at work or your fit body that you work so hard to maintain.

That very first night when you are all alone in bed, think about yourself. Think about your goals in life and how being single can help you accomplish those goals. You don’t have to worry his plans or his priorities or rather he will marry you. It’s all about you and what you want out of life.

NEXT THINK ABOUT HOW STUPID HE WAS. Make fun of his sleazy and cheap dating plans or how dirty he kept his apartment. Make fun of how insecure he was. Provide reasons of why he wasn’t good for you.

Then, the very next night GO OUT. Grab that dress that hugs your body just right and go out dancing and enjoying life with your girlfriends. Have a blast. Get a few drinks and party. Don’t even bother thinking about him. And don’t blab to your friends about him. Please don’t get drunk and start crying over him either.

Know that whatever guy you were dating is a loser simply because he missed out on an opportunity to be with you. And you can always find better – a man with a better job who is better looking and who is better at appreciating you.

And if you don’t remember anything else just remember that sometimes you have to let something go and if that something comes back then maybe it really was worth holding on to.

If he comes back, he will come pounding on your door. But it isn’t about what he wants. It’s all about you!

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