Oh My Aching Back

“Oh My Aching Back!”
By Dr. Nanette Bowles

Dr. Nanette BowlesWhen was the last time you heard that statement from a child? I don’t think I ever have, unless they were just copying their parents.  They say that about 75% of us will experience back problems at some point in our lives. I can’t help but wonder how much of that is truly, simply but directly related to STRESS?

After experiencing a pinched sciatic nerve recently, I really got to thinking about this. In a desperate attempt to ease the pain, I tried chiropractic treatment, massage, pain killers, etc.  The message from them, and others, was consistent…”You need to relax!” My response was also consistent and even screamed out in pain while the massage therapist tortured me, “I’m Trying to Relax!”

What if every day, before leaving the house, we filled up a backpack or briefcase with rocks, bricks and dirt! We heaved them unto our shoulders and set out on our way?? How strange and painful would that be? Yet, how often do we hold onto guilt, unforgiveness and anger?  Or we place unrealistic expectations on ourselves?

I don’t think we set out to do this but I do think we need to recognize that this happens automatically for many of us and for many reasons. So, we need to be intentional in our efforts to recognize this and strategic in our efforts to Let Go.

Nanette Bowles Ed.D.