Are you Ready

Are You Ready?
Dr. Nanette Bowles

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Dr. Nanette Bowles

There are some who believe that catastrophic events will occur in December 2012, as predicted by the Mayans.  No one wants to believe anything awful is going to happen and some don’t want to admit that they are a bit nervous. 

Regardless of your beliefs, for years the government has been encouraging people to prepare for any number of potential emergencies.  Their website, http://www.ready.gov, offers a lot of great suggestions on how to prepare for natural disasters, pandemics, technical and accidental hazards, terrorist hazards, etc.  Resources are offered on how to prepare in advance. 

I find it interesting and embarrassing when, after a natural disaster, people are heard on TV saying, “How could this have happened in the U.S??”  I’m not sure what makes us think we are above or out of range from any type of event.  It’s that arrogance that may cause us to think it won’t happen here or to us. 

The truth is…we never know what could happen at any given time. 

There’s a saying, “People who fail to plan essentially plan to fail.” 

So, how can you prepare for…anything?  A job loss?  Unexpected bills?  A last minute long drive?  Even something as simple as a great find at a yard sale?  So, some questions:

  • ·         Do you have a savings?
  • ·         Do you have enough gas in your car?
  • ·         Do you have cash on you?
  • ·         Have you paid your bills?
  • ·         Do you have candles, manual can openers, matches, etc?
  • ·         Does your family know where to look for important documents?
  • ·         How long could you survive if there was no water coming up from the pipes and the store shelves were empty?
  • ·         How much food do you have stored away?
  • ·         If there was no electricity, how long would that food last if it was mostly in the freezer?
  • ·         Does your family have a plan on where to meet?
  • ·         Does your family have an evacuation plan in the event of a fire?
  • ·         Do you established a secret word in case someone else needs to pick up your kids?


There are so many more questions but I hope this got you thinking.  It is not my intention to send you away from this blog feeling afraid or depressed.  Hopefully it will help you rethink a good number of things in your life so you are more prepared for anything…but especially LIFE!