Dr Bret Wilson

Step by Step

New Year’s Resolution to Get Fit – Step by Step
by Bret Wilson

Work, Play & YogaWalking is an activity that requires no special equipment.  Hopefully, we can participate in the activity throughout our life.   It is easily incorporated into other daily activities.  It can be performed alone or with others. You can walk with your lover, your child, your parent or your pet.  Night or day.  Winter, spring, summer or fall.  We can hold a conversation during the exercise, or listen to music.  It uses both sides of the body in a balanced and rhythmic coordinated way.  Walking can help control weight, improve circulation, increase aerobic fitness, as well as facilitating your mood and memory.

10,000 Steps = 5 miles

Resolve to walk more than you do now.  Incorporate walking into everyday activities.  Studies have suggested that sedentary people average only 2-3000 steps per day, while healthy individuals step close to 10,000 times.  Invest in a pedometer that counts steps and start to wear it daily.  Track the average number of steps per day over a week’s time.  Then set a goal to increase your steps by 500 steps per week until you meet the goal of 10,000.

“If your dog is fat, you’re not getting enough exercise.” Anonymous

Walking your pet can help make both you and your dog healthier.  Pet owners who exercise their dog regularly have lower levels of stress and the dog is better behaved.  I have 2 labs that I walk each morning.  If I am not as motivated to take my morning walk, I have 2 very loyal and persistent exercise partners that make sure we get our morning exercise.  “A dog is one of the remaining reasons why some people can be persuaded to go for a walk.” ~ O.A. Battista

Increase your Steps – Improve your life

Walking can give you better health and a better outlook.  It can develop and improve relationships.  It can make you more conscious of your surroundings and give you time to smell the roses, watch the sun rise or wish on a falling star.  Resolve to walk more.  It is a step toward a better you.

Yours in Health,

Bret A Wilson, DC