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Chiropractic Helps Your Health Rebound

Chiropractic Helps Your Health Rebound

Dr Bret WilsonI had the chance to go with three of my grandchildren to a birthday party at a trampoline park.  I watched as they jumped, hopped and ran across the trampolines.  There was a great variety of confidence and coordination as the kids made their way around the playground.  A few times someone would land awkwardly, or twist in an odd way.  Nothing serious, after a few tears, they were up and jumping again.

The bones of your spine and joints, along with muscles, ligaments and control of the nervous system are always helping each of us to bound through life.  As our heel strikes the ground, a force rebounds up through the ankle, knee, hip, low back, mid back, shoulders and neck.   The nervous system controls the body’s response and coordinates the sequence of movements and muscle contractions to push back, propel us forward and lead to the next heel strike. The sequence and reciprocation repeats with each step we take.

There are times when this coordinated, orchestrated sequence of events gets out of synch.  The surface we are walking on changes suddenly and we are surprised.  A low place in the turf, a slick spot, an unseen rise of the sidewalk catches our toe.  This sudden change startles our system, and we react quickly to modify.  The muscles that not only move the joint, but protect the ligaments, cannot adjust quickly enough, the force goes on the ligament causing it to strain.  If the joints of the leg or spine are not aligned or moving properly, then the force that flows through the kinetic chain is altered and places increased stress on the muscles and ligaments.  There can also be a breakdown in the communications system of the body, the nervous system.  A delayed or altered message via the nerves to or from the brain can alter the body’s response to the changes of the position, movements and modifications, resulting in stress or injury.

Chiropractic care can help keep the nerve, muscle, and skeletal systems working in coordinated efficient manner.  Chiropractic adjustments can help you prevent injury and recover from a mishap.  Treatment is directed towards finding and fixing alterations in the alignment, mobility, function of the spine and joints; relieving stress on the nervous system, muscles and joints.  Adjuncts to care include therapeutic modalities and exercise.

My grandson was one of the kids that had an awkward landing during the play.  He came up to me and said, “Poppa when we get home, I will need adjusted after that one!”.  His treatment when we got home will help him recover from the minor sprain and continue to grow and develop in a healthy way. Chiropractic can help you rebound back to health by returning a spring to your step.

Yours In Health,

Bret A. Wilson, DC