Dr Bret Wilson

Burger and Fries Diet Causes Low Back Pain

Burger and Fries Diet Causes Low back Pain

Dr Bret WilsonCan a burger and fries cause low back pain, a headache, knee pain? The answer for many of us can be yes. The typical American diet is causing an increase of your body’s inflammatory response, increased inflammation, and increased pain. Improve your food choices and reduce your pain and the risk of other chronic disease.

Foods that are pro inflammatory include sugars, white flour, trans fats and unhealthy oils. Reducing or eliminating the foods that are pro inflammatory reduces pain. Over eating leads to immediate post meal increases in inflammatory chemicals. Obesity leads to a greater inflammatory state. Other behaviors that contribute include lack of sleep, lack of exercise, breath abnormalities and stress.

Shifting your diet to anti-inflammatory foods that includes more plant based diet of fruits and vegetables, nuts, and modest amounts of whole grains.  Regular exercise, adequate sleep, stress management, diaphragmatic breathing and healthy body mass help to reduce inflammation and pain.

The shift in diet to reduce inflammation can help improve the effect of healthy habits you already have. If you are consistent with your exercise, the results will be enhanced with proper diet. Reducing inflammation helps you achieve a healthier weight. Injury recovery is improved with reduced inflammation.





Make better choices to reduce inflammation and pain. Eat smarter, exercise, rest, reduce stress, breathe deeply and attain a healthy body weight. These choices help create a healthier you.