Dr Bret Wilson

Achieving a Healthy Weight

 Achieving a Healthy Weight
By Dr Bret

Dr Bret WilsonGain, Don’t Be A Loser.  Your self talk and mental attitude about your quest for achieving your goal should be stated as a positive, not a negative.    Think about gaining your healthy weight, greater energy and increased self esteem.  A loss, even of unwanted pounds and inches is counter to a positive outlook.

2.        Eating Is Not An Accident.  Everything you eat is a choice.  You are in control.  Be conscious of your eating.   Become more aware of the foods you are eating out of habit, perceived convenience, or misunderstanding of their nutritional value.  Read labels, create a food log, chew slower, plan ahead, turn off the TV during meals, take an actual lunch break, don’t skip breakfast.  Eating with greater awareness, having a plan, helps you to make better choices and eat a healthier diet.  A healthy diet helps you achieve a healthy body weight.

3.       Find Your Silver Bullet.  Each of us has some food or dietary habit that is not healthy, we know it, but do it anyway.  Okay, don’t stop, but try to manage it.  A handful of M&Ms, instead of the whole bag.  Eat each one slowly, savoring each tasty bite.  Make the small concession, as a reward for better choices elsewhere in your diet.

4.       Activity Resets Your Metabolism.  Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  In order to exercise enough in order to burn the excess calories of improper diet, is unreasonable for most of us.  The combination of exercise and diet is the key.  A combination of aerobic exercise to increase heart rate, and weight training to increase lean muscle mass, that increases your metabolic rate, helping you to burn more calories at rest.  But simply being more active, burns more calories and helps to maintain or achieve a healthy weight.  Choose to be more active, walk more, play with the kids, take the stairs, dance.  You  were built to move, so use it to lose it.

5.       Cheaters Only Cheat Themselves.  There are many different, pills, potions, products, artificial sweeteners, crash diets, that are purported to help melt the pounds away.  They promise, or at least imply, an easy way to weight loss and a healthier, slimmer you.  None of these products are part of an actual life style choice that can lead to a healthier life.  In many cases they have the opposite result.  Diet soda, artificial sweeteners, despite their reduced calories, fool your system into an abnormal  glycemic response, often maintaining weight, and in some cases causing an allergic response and water retention.  Fasting or eating nothing but grapefruit, does not teach you or your body how to achieve a healthy weight, it only gives your body another stress to adapt to.  Endeavor to be true to yourself through a healthy balanced diet, made up of a variety of foods you enjoy.  Adapting this lifestyle diet choice will not cheat you out of many healthy happy years.

Dr. Bret Wilson