Dr Bret Wilson

The Grandkids Workout

The Grandkids Workout
Dr Bret Wilson

Photo by Jodie Wilson

The importance of exercise as part of maintaining your health is well documented.  I am blessed to have my own personal trainers who keep me motivated and moving.  The physical activity is good for my heart in more ways than one.  The trainers are my grandchildren.  I get the opportunity to spend a day playing with the grand kids and it rivals any work out at the gym.

A typical workout plan includes:

Freeze tag– 20-30 second wind sprints with change of direction, stops and starts, 10 15 minutes.  Fitness goals: Aerobic, balance, reaction time.

Snake Hunt – A 30 minute walk with periodic squats, lunges, and bear walks. A long hike with plenty of up and down to look under bushes and investigate potential “snake holes”.  I would anticipate a wind sprint if we actually saw a snake!  Fitness goals:  Aerobic, core stability, , upper and lower body strength.

Big Wheel Push – push 50# children on big wheel tri-cycle up a hill. Then run to chase them down the hill to give them a push up the next hill.  Two kids, 10 moguls around a trail 3 times. Fitness goals:  Aerobic, strengthen legs and core, speed and agility.

Squat Lifts – Pick up the kids in a variety of situations, repeatedly.  “Poppa, lift me to see, pick me up.”  Repeat 20 to 30 times.  Exercise requires proper form to squat lift and push overhead.  Fitness goals:  Strength and core stability, balance.

Up and Downs – Getting down low to the ground in a squat, kneel or sitting position to look at something, tie a shoe, care for a “boo- boo”.    Repeat 25 times.  Fitness goals: Balance, aerobic, flexibility, strength.

The possibilities are only limited by the kid’s imagination.  Climb the monkey bars.  Ride your bikes to see the wildlife or to get some lunch.  Wash the car or do some yard work.  Include the kids and have some fun.

As you can imagine it is quite a work out, and a lot of fun.  The exercise is great for both the kids and I.  We are having fun and getting healthy.  So find your own personal trainers and get out and make up your own fitness program.  It will do your heart a lot of good.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Bret Wilson