Dog May Point to Concern for Friendship

Dog May Point to Concern for Friendship

Cynthia RichmondDear Cynthia:

In my dream, I find my dog in the backyard, dead, with ants and bugs all over it. One eye is sunken into the socket. My first thought was to make sure that my kids don’t see the dog like this. Then I began to brush the ants off to move the dog and he starts to come alive, the more I brush off the bugs the more animated he becomes until he is 100% fine. ~ Michael

Dear Michael:

Many people don’t want to remember their dreams because of the uncomfortable images they contain, but dreams often use strong visual scenes to make an impression and, once understood, the meaning is often less gruesome. Your backyard refers to something close to you, something going on in your personal life or frame of reference. Since dogs are known as man’s best friend, a dead dog may symbolize the death of the relationship between you and a best friend.

You want to protect your children from the emotional pain of seeing a dead animal in this condition. Bugs, including ants, can represent things that annoy or bother us. Here they and the sunken eye seem to represent the fact that this situation has been over or dead for a while. The eye, since it’s no longer functional, indicates that there are things that are not being seen. When you remove the annoying things that bug you, you restore life to your friend and therefore your friendship.

Ask yourself: Where in my life is something dear to me ending or dying? What has been bugging me lately? What would I like to protect my children from seeing or being affected by? What could I clean up that could restore life to something I thought was over? Is there something that I have not been seeing correctly? Am I holding on, trying to restore life to something that seems well beyond help? What am I trying to change the appearance of?

It seems as though your subconscious mind is communicating that there is something in your life that you believe is over, which, in fact you can bring back to life if you wish!

If the dream is referring to your marriage, for example, it is advising you to accept the little things that bug you about your partner, or talk about them together to see if he or she is willing to work on making changes. If you can stop feeling bugged by accepting that these are just simply characteristics of your partner, not meant to bother you personally there is real hope to keep the relationship alive. You may feel that your kids have sensed a bit of the trouble and you’d really prefer to shelter them from any emotional reactions. Make an effort to see the whole picture accurately and you can resurrect the situation.

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