Clarissa Burt

Winnie and Kat

A Word with A Mom-Prenuer -Winnie and Kat

By: Clarissa Burt and Madeline Ulivieri

Clarissa Burt 1Winnie & Kat is a contemporary women’s clothing company dedicated to fine fabrics and providing individuals with an unlimited business opportunity.  It was founded by Diane Prince Johnston a mother and entrepreneur.  Diane was inspired by a CNN show about Social Selling and empowering women’s entrepreneurial spirit and created Winnie & Kat as an Entrepreneurial Direct Selling Company where ordinary women can become stylists and can sell Winnie & Kat.  Her dreams did not stop there, she was passionate about offering women contemporary knitwear that was flattering, high-quality, and all moderately priced and produced in sweat-shop free factories. Our collections are a combination of practicality and trends. I was able to learn more about Winnie & Kat through a local Arizonian stylist, Lila Metcalf.

Lila used to own a traditional brick-and mortar top children’s boutique in Scottsdale which she chose to close down in November of 2012. Lila was looking to take on a new venture but was not looking to start a traditional business. She was looking to continue her entrepreneurial spirit and interest in high fashion without having to deal with operations, costs, and time constraints. Lila attended an entrepreneurial event at the W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU when she first heard Diane speak about Winnie & Kat and the opportunity it had to offer her.  “I immediately saw how Winnie & Kat could provide all that I am passionate about with having a home office staff handles all the other traditional business components that I don’t. And the plus is, I get to share an amazing entrepreneurial business opportunity with woman in Arizona and across the U.S.” stated Lila. “I call it a Boutique in a Box”.

Winnie & Kat’s business opportunity gives women a business that allows them a choice in the amount of time that they want to work. Stylists have the flexibility to not only work from home but to choose their hours according to their schedule.  This flexibility provides stay at home mothers a great way to not only be a mother but an entrepreneur as well.  It is providing women with a new freedom that is truly resonating with the community.  “I get to help other women build a business for only $199. I get to be with customers, share this amazing woman’s clothing line and have a ton of fun on my own schedule,” Lila shared. This inspiring company has created a supportive business environment for woman in Arizona and all over America.

Winnie & Kat focus mainly on high-quality knitwear pieces. They use superior fabrics such as Supima Cotton, which is the highest grade of common on the market as well as Modal, a luxurious yummy fabric made from the bark of a beech tree.  Their collections understand the needs to today’s woman and focuses on meeting those needs. Their pieces flatter all body shapes with sizes XS-XXL.  Lila’s must have this season is the Traveler which is a very soft, perfect length open cardigan. Her other top pick is the Skinnie Winnie boot-cut legging. The cut of the legging is far from traditional. With the little boot scrunch on the bottom, it both lengthens and slims the leg. Their summer collection is perfect for traveling and being able to mix and match your wardrobe easily.
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