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A Wake Up Call to Pursue

A Wake-Up Call to Pursue Passion in Life Dear Cynthia, I am facing a series of personal crises that seem to be demanding that I make a choice of which direction I should take in my life. I have really been conflicted over the choices I must make. In my dream I was a server. I did waitress years ago. However in the dream I was helping to cater a lavish party in a beautiful mansion. The guests were all gorgeous and successful. Suddenly another server yell “Fire!” and the rest of the staff started Click here for the full article.

Dreams of Departed Loved Ones

The newspaper obviously relates to the news you received that day, Click here for the full article.
Cynthia Richmond

Coins Could Be Symbols of Change

I have had two recurring dreams for many years. In the first, Click here for the full article.