For fifty years John Goodson has specialized in wealth preservation and preventive law organizing businesses, families, and charities. He is a third generation Arizonan graduating from University of Arizona as an undergraduate and through law school with special studies in estate planning and business planning at Harvard, New York University and Miami University. He is a senior attorney in the law firm of Goodson Manley Forakis PLC practicing with his two lawyer daughters dealing with asset protection and legally organizing families of varying complexities from multi-billionaires to the smaller estates associated inside of larger family dynasties.

For more than twenty years, he focused on litigation going more than fifteen years without losing a jury trial. And later serving as lead counsel in one of the longest running jury trials in the history of the state at that time. After which he dedicated himself to assisting his clients to avoid litigation.




These Preventive Law Alerts are patterned after an annual publication to all mountain climbers called “Accidents in North American Mountaineering” which writes up all mountaineering accidents describing the accident, what caused it, how it may have been prevented so that further mountain climbing catastrophes may be avoided. Preventive Law Alerts are the equivalent of “Legal Accidents in North American Law” – a description of the legal catastrophe and how it may be avoided using preventive law techniques. Click here for the full article.

The Need For Enforceable Funeral and Burial Instructions

Do you want a family fight over how to handle your remains after death? Click here for the full article.

THE MOST Frequent Mistake in Trusts

Most trust drafters follow conventional wisdom and follow the pattern of unthinking predecessors – not realizing the exposure to their trust children and grandchildren. Click here for the full article.


A lost purse or wallet creates legal exposures, tedious clean up tasks, and a pain in the you-know-what if you haven’t used Preventive Law to prepare for it in advance. Click here for the full article.