Car Accidents, Whiplash and You

Car Accidents, Whiplash and You

Have you been involved in a car accident? Did you sustain an injury from the accident? Did you go to the emergency room or Urgent Care? Did you visit your medical doctor? Have you considered consulting a chiropractor?

Statistics in the US indicate that there are bodily injuries of some type suffered in about 20% of all automobile crashes reported to police. Of those injuries, there can be a wide variety of severity, duration and disability. The vast majority of the conditions will resolve. There are those minor injuries that resolve within days or weeks following injury. Treatment may be needed for a short time or over a longer recovery period. Some people will delay seeking care, thinking the condition will resolve then realize weeks later that symptoms are persistent and not going away with time. Research indicates that about 10% of car accident related injuries will become chronic and have remained one year after the accident.

Many of these injuries involve the neck, referred to generally as whiplash. These injuries to the cervical spine involve the rapid movement of the head and neck in multiple directions in response to the forces of two vehicles colliding with each other. The movement and forces occur so quickly that the muscles cannot react quickly enough to protect the joints of the neck causing a change in the ligaments, bone position and joint movement. Crash tests have confirmed that injuries can occur with collision speeds of 7 mph. The changes to these structures may be evident with symptoms immediately or develop later. Symptoms can include neck pain, restricted movement, headache, shoulder and arm pain and back pain.

Chiropractic physicians are trained and experienced to evaluate the injuries sustained following an automobile accident and determine a diagnosis and treatment plan. Examination can determine the joints, muscles and other soft tissues that are involved in generating your symptoms. Treatment is directed towards the promotion of healing, reduction of inflammation and restoration of movement, position and function of these tissues. Chiropractors will use spinal manipulation, physical therapies, and restorative exercise. Evaluation and treatment can help you to recover from injuries and avoid problems in the future.

Injuries from car accidents are a far too common event. Do not assume that there is no injury just because you did not have pain right away. The damage to the car and to you may not be immediately evident at the scene. Most symptoms occur within 24 to 72 hours. Both you and the car need checked out after the event. Follow-up with a doctor following a collision, forces that are enough to damage a car can also damage the human body. Studies have shown chiropractic treatment of muscle and joint injuries following auto accidents to be superior to conventional physical therapy and medicine. A chiropractor is a good choice to make sure that you return to health after an injury.
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Bret A. Wilson, DC

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