Boomer and the Babe

Are We Having Fun Yet

Peters and Brown

Boomer and the Babe

Are We Having Fun Yet?
By Pete Peters and Deborah Brown

It’s time we stop complaining, quit listening to the news broadcasts and get back to work.

It’s my opinion that when you listen to the media broadcasts you end up depressed. I don’t know of any business owner that can perform effectively if they are wallowing in the news we hear every day.

There is talk about economic recovery packages, stimulus packages and all the politics that goes into that. I think the chances of us, the everyday business owners, seeing any of that is Slim and None and Slim is on a horse leaving Dodge City.

What that means to me is we are responsible for our own recovery package. Here are seven things you might want to consider if you haven’t already done so.

  1. Assess what you are doing now that can be tweaked to give it a new look or a fresh feel.  Maybe rework your website. Not so much for content but rather a fresh look or a gentle face lift. Then post the change and talk about the change. It may give you a new perspective.
  2. Examine all your services or products and determine which are performing best in these times and concentrate greater efforts in those areas and less in the areas that are not as productive. No need to scrap the under performers, just de-emphasize them.
  3. Blog more. Post comments to other peoples blogs. Tune up your social media. Let people know what you are doing. Keep your name out there. Be more active and therefore more visible.
  4. Take a critical look at your networking. If you are going to the same groups, talking to the same people and you are all “commiserating about how tough it is out there,” you may as well stay home and listen to the cable news shows for your depression fix. They’re professionals. If you haven’t given or received a qualified lead in the past 90 days in the groups you’re in, change your groups, move around a little. Find some groups where you don’t know anyone. Be the newbie in the group.
  5. Above all, do everything you can possibly do to avoid the sewer of depression. Keep your head clear. Remember you can’t stop the oil spill, you can’t stop the idiots in government from being idiots. You can only influence what you have your hands on: the messages you listen to, your business, your brand.
  6. 10% unemployment means 90% employed. I feel bad for those not working. My goal is to make sure I don’t join them. If I accomplish that, I will be doing my part to improve the situation.
  7.  By staying alive you are vastly improving your chances of growth when the upturn starts.