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The Twelve Days After Christmas

The Twelve Days After Christmas

Becky CamposThe twelve days after Christmas falls on January sixth. This is the official day most people wake up from their holiday bliss to find themselves dragging into the New Year. The Christmas celebrations are over and the results of neglecting The Twelve Laws of Simple Health are in full manifestation. Since Simple Health Ministries is all about prevention remaining steadfast in living in accordance to The Twelve Laws of Simple Health will escort you into the New Year in a position of strength rather than in a position of weakness. The following are a few Merry Christmas critical health-thinking strategies you might find helpful during your holiday preparations. You can tweak them to meet your own holiday needs. The goal is to enjoy all that the holidays encompass with out compromising your health, which will result in entering into the New Year with plenty of energy and vitality for 2014.

 What to Bring

When attending any festivities such as Christmas dinners, luncheons and potlucks

bring a salad and a dessert. This way you are sure to enjoy some raw food and a healthy dessert you made your self. I am always released to enjoy a sweet I made myself because I know what’s in it. I consume sweets in high quality and low quantity.

Carrot cake

Apple salad

Christmas muffins

Healthy Snacks for Long Shopping Days

Preparing a healthy snack before heading out the door for a long shopping day will secure nutritional stamina. It’s extremely easy to run out of steam when your nutritional needs are neglected. Here are some of my favorite easy, smeasy snacks I carry with me.

Whole Grain Multi Crunch

Hummus, baby carrots, snap peas, celery sticks and Jicama. Place hummus in a small container and veggies in a zip lock bag. Keep them cool in a thermal lunch carrier with a bag of ice.

Almond butter and Agave sandwich on a whole wheat bread contributes protein, calcium, fiber, monounsaturated fats, zero cholesterol and zero sodium.

Easy Dinner Solutions for Busy Days

Preparing and freezing soups and chili ahead of time will eliminate some of the stress women feel during the holiday season. Picture walking in the door at home after a long holiday shopping day, post office errands, work and holiday and school events and walking to the freezer and pulling out a soup or chili you prepared ahead of time and warming it up. Easy smeasy! Celebrate the season by being prepared. Here are some of my favorite soups and chili to freeze.

Turkey Chili

Tortilla Soup

Creamy Potato Soup

A SHM Recommendation If You Must Have Something Bubbly

I don’t know about you but certain foods are enhanced when enjoyed with a little bubbly. Let’s face it there is nothing like the fizz and sweetness of a carbonated beverage. If you are going to indulge in a little bubbly choose one that is decaffeinated. Ginger ale, root beer or Martinelli’s Sparkling apple cider are my choice of bubblies. I enjoy them in a glass full of ice with 2 parts water and 1 part bubbly. A two to one ratio of water and beverage lowers the sugars consumed and simply flavors your water. It’s just enough sweetness and fizz to satisfy.

Jump your way into the holidays

Preparing for the holidays absorb up every inch of our time. It is easy to set your daily exercise aside. Besides being busy the winter weather naturally reduces the desire to exercise outdoors. It’s time to pull out your rebounder (small trampoline) and jump on it for twenty minutes at the beginning of the day to get your heart rate up, cleanse your lymph nodes, rev up your energy levels and strengthen your skeletal system.

There is No Substitute for Sleep

One thing’s for sure there is no substitute for sleep. Going to sleep no later than 10:00 p.m. and sleeping for eight hours protects us from a dysfunctional immune system. The human body’s self-healing, self-rejuvenation and self-cleansing capabilities are uninterrupted by living in accordance to The Twelve Laws of Simple Health. You will enjoy your holidays all the more when you give your body the sleep it needs and experience how simple health really is!

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Merry Christmas


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