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Merry Christmas

Simple Surrender

Reclaiming any part of your life whether it is health related, financial, marital, parental, spiritual or relational demands more than cooperation; it demands complete surrender.  Cooperation deems that just simply knowing what to do and what not to do should help you to achieve reversing your problem.  Becoming a critical health thinker’s first rule of order is to recognize the difference between a cooperative spirit and a surrendered life.  They are not one in the same.

Surrender encompasses submission, relinquishing, parting with and conceding all and anything that does not align itself with the answer.

Cooperation encompasses far less and may yield for a time to the necessary changes that must be made to reclaim your health.  Surrender welcomes pain and anguish to accomplish a greater goal.  Cooperation battles and often yields to thoughts of exiting the work for something far less demanding.  Surrender invites a renewal of the mind and soul; cooperation is temporal, external and fleeting.  Surrender requires spiritual fortitude.  A cooperative spirit is easily swayed and interrupted.  There is no greater time of the year to find out if you have a cooperative spirit or a surrendered heart.  The answer will make all the difference in your personal pursuit of reclaiming your health and preventing disease.

Once you genuinely submit, relinquish, part with and concede the belief that one can live an autonomous life style in this human body ignoring the laws of health and still expect to reap health and wellness; you will begin to experience a bud of surrender in your heart that grows rapidly when nurtured carefully and consistently.

The Christmas celebrations during the month of December and into the New Year are a perfect time of the year to examine your heart.

Simple Health Question

Do you have a surrendered heart or a cooperative spirit?

Christmas Recipe from Becky
Simply Spinach Dip
Serves 10
10 ounces of frozen, thawed, chopped and drained organic Spinach
Two green onion stalks diced small
1 8 ounce can of Water Chestnuts diced into small pieces
11/2 cup plain yogurt
1/2 cup Vegenaise
1 tsp. dry mustard powder
¼ tsp. Sea Salt
1 tsp. sugar
Purchase chopped Spinach
Dice green onion into small pieces
Dice Chestnuts into small cube size

Combine all ingredients except yogurt and Vegenaise
Fold in Yogurt and Vegenaise and gently blend together with a spoon
Chill for one hour in refrigerator
(You may use a food processor or Vita Mix to mix)

Serve with crackers, bread, chips or veggies

Simple Health Hint:
Buy frozen organic spinach in a bag.  Thaw in the bag in the refrigerator over night.  (Place bag in a bowl) Drain and press spinach in a colander with a fork to get excess water out before using.

Merry Christmas!

Becky Campos
Simple Health Ministries