Becky Campos

Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform?

Becky_2012_compressedThis year I have been thinking more and more about the freedom to create your own health package. Our country has voted to place our health care system in the hands of the government. Unfortunately the government-mandated health care system is proving to be complicated, confusing and alarming. As we enter into phase one of government health care, we see it negatively touching American families with higher insurance costs, complicated paper work and medical uncertainty. Though I am not an authority in health care, I know what a person in need of reclaiming their health longs for. Working with people over the years on reclaiming their health I hear all about their medical experiences. The top three concerns they are facing is the rising cost of health care insurance, the need for forward thinking doctors and the need for health education. Here are my three simple recommendations for these concerns.


What if medical insurance companies provided health benefits that included choosing your own naturopath, nutritionist, fitness trainers, supplements along with your medical doctor, hospitals, prescriptions and medical specialist? People continually tell me that they can’t afford a naturopathic consult much less the natural treatments recommended because the natural health industry is not covered by their medical insurance. Allowing people to choose a health care package that meets both their medical and natural needs is an ideal health care system. Imagine being able to utilize the expertise of all of these resources to advance reclaiming and sustaining your health.


The second concern people have is their desire for forward thinking doctors. They long for a doctor whose approach to health care is centered in the twelve laws of simple health and utilizes medical means in light of the body’s natural healing abilities. They desire a doctor who carefully seeks for a cause to their health problem and not simply offer relief from symptoms that will manifest again at a later time. They are looking for a doctor who respects their philosophy of health and is willing to assist them in their journey to reclaiming their health by contributing his/her expertise and knowledge. Imagine your doctor affirming the twelve laws of simple health and referring you to a nutritionist and a naturopath for further health care. Imagine his knowledge in medicine being coupled by the work of naturopaths and health and wellness coaches and mentors as the norm.


The third concern people have about their health care is the need for simple health education provided by our health care providers. There is a dire need for our medical industry to affirm health education. I hold to the philosophy that applying medical treatments with out educating the patient is not consistent with true health. Imagine attending health classes referred to you by your medical provider, classes that educate you to assist yourself in getting well. There is much work to continue to advance the health of our nation and getting these three particulars in our health care system are crucial to the advancement of a free people and their right to choose their health care in accordance to their needs.


Will see where the government-mandated health care system takes us as a nation. One thing is for certain; it doesn’t look anywhere close to simple health. It is my hope that one day our grandchildren’s generation will have learned from our mistakes and will vote for the right to choose their own health care, educating and assisting themselves in reclaiming and sustaining their health. Perhaps doctors will be allowed to practice medicine in the midst of training their patients to live in accordance to the twelve laws of simple health. Could this really happen? It’s my Fourth of July wish for our phenomenal nation.


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