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Four Attitudes of Health

Becky Campos Simple Health Ministries

Becky Campos Simple Health Ministries

 Four Attitudes of Health

When I am given the freedom to speak honestly, courageously and genuinely to a person who has been diagnosed with cancer about what it takes to reclaim their health and with out any limitation there are many things I want to say.  However conveying the following four attitudes of health is where I start.
First, It is vitally important that you recognize that you are not a special case. As long as you believe that your health crisis is different from mine you are opening your mind and heart to the possibility of being incurable. Believing that you are a special case reduces your assurance that if there are others who have reclaimed their health from cancer so can you. Believing that you are the only one with your type of cancer or your kind of diagnosis places you in a rare position and sets you up for unbelief. It renders you powerless on so many levels. Healing begins first with how you think and then what you do.

Second, Your cancer diagnosis is not rare no matter how much your physicians affirm that it is. Rare cases are determined by how much knowledge the medical experts have on the manifestation of a particular type of cancer. We are living in an unprecedented rise of all kinds of cancer diagnosis in American history. Medical experts are diagnosing new types of cancers but at the core cancer is cancer no matter its location in the human body. Most individuals I speak with who invite me to assist them with SHM information are surprised to hear that the first thing I want to know about a person is not the details of the diagnosis they have received from their doctor but rather what their health intelligence is. I must quickly determine who you are in relation to your understanding of what cancer is, what health is and how to stop the progression of the cancer with lifestyle medicine. No matter how rare the diagnosis the work is still the same to reverse the condition. The emphasis should not be on how rare your diagnosis is but rather on what you are going to do henceforth.

Third, There are many factors that contribute to the progression of a cancer cell. Certainly at the top of the list is the neglect of living in accordance to The Twelve Laws of Simple Health. But equally important is the self-pity influence that can subdue and overwhelm you in your journey to reclaiming your health. Cancer advances with greater intensity in the face of self-pity, fear, worry, unbelief, sadness, anxiety and stress. These are real and valid feelings but they will not set you on a course to healing and health and wellness. These powerful emotions will feed your body with chemical and physiological chain of reactions that cause your body’s immune system to weaken.

The only remedy to these negative affects is spiritual and emotional fortitude that will sustain you in your journey. You must fortify yourself for the journey.

Fourth, What you say matters. Discussing your symptoms, your case, and your diagnosis with out judicious thought with everyone you know invites even the most caring individuals to often project on you images of sickness rather than of wellness. Reclaiming your health demands that your body, mind, soul and spirit are united in the same work. You must train your mind to think and imagine yourself well. You do this by not allowing your words and actions to contradict the work of getting well. Inviting the whole world to speak to your specific suffering is an open door to all kinds of stories of those who died, where there cancers have spread to and confusion on how to proceed. I recommend you decide how you will proceed in your protocol to reclaiming your health and then share it with those you can confide in and who will support your decision. Anything that does not align itself to your decision should be counted as counterproductive to reclaiming your health.

Remember you may be eating healthy foods but speaking unhealthy words that have the potential to talk you out of reclaiming your health. Cancer is only as powerful as you believe it is. If you are on a journey to reclaiming your health from any disease the following phrases should never be spoken out of your mouth.

  • I don’t know what I am going to do (Rather make a plan)
  • I can’t do this (Increase your emotional and spiritual fortitude)
  • Cancer runs in my family (I am going to educate myself and my family on how to prevent cancer from continuing to manifest in our family)
  • My diagnosis is so rare my doctors don’t know what to do (Cancer is cancer. There is a whole big world of resources outside of your medical providers for you to use in your journey to reclaiming your health)
  • I can’t seem to stop crying (Recognize that uncontrollable crying is a symptom of how you think and a lack of trust in your Creator God. Coping is directly related to your spiritual fortitude. You can train yourself to cope and reclaim your emotional fortitude.)
  • I feel overwhelmed with everything I need to do (Being overwhelmed is a symptom of lack of strategy in thought and action)
  • I don’t want to have to change my lifestyle (Changing your lifestyle is equal to wanting to get well)

The work of reclaiming your health demands genuine bold face honesty. This honesty starts with you. Understanding that my diagnosis was not special set me free from thinking I required special mysterious drugs, surgeries and thousands of dollars of alternative treatments and set me on a course to start paying attention to The Twelve Laws of Simple Health with the goal of mastering them. Once I understood that cancer is cancer wherever it is located in the human design I was set free to stop thinking of myself as the worse case scenario the way my doctors had described me. I put all my efforts into stopping its progression. Once I stop feeling sorry for myself and refused to believe that there were no answers for reclaiming my health I was set free to live in my spiritual fortitude. I sought refuge in my faith and my emotional fortitude returned to me. I stopped talking about the problem and started focusing on the answers. Although there are many things I did to reclaim my health none of the other things would have been accomplished if I had not arrived at these four powerful attitudes and influences and mastered them.

Visit my and experience how simple health really is.