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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving
Simple Holiday Gifts

Becky CamposNovember 1st kicks off the holiday festivities Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. It also launches unhealthy holiday and financial stress. It is natural to want to give a special gift to each of our family, friends and acquaintances during the holiday season. Most of us know at least twenty-five people or more that we would like to give a gift to including parents, sibling, friends, co-workers, neighbors and those who serve us like schoolteachers, pastors and church leaders. This is where the stress comes in like a flood if you are unprepared. Achieving this generosity unfolds beautifully when you take the time to plan out your gift giving. With out a plan you will induce unnecessary and unhealthy stress.

Simple Gifts
Here are a few favorite but simple ways to reduce financial stress and still express your gratitude, love and holiday cheer to the people in the sphere of your life in a sustainable manner.

1. Bottle of Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider (Apple and Pomegranate)
1 bag organic popcorn
1 small bottle of raw honey
SHM’s kettle corn recipe printed on Christmas stationary or card

Place in a holiday gift box lined with Christmas paper
(Great for neighbors, family, church leaders, co-workers)

2. 2 Bottles of Martinelli’s Apple Cider
1 Pomegranate
2 oranges
1 bag favorite nuts
1 dark organic chocolate bar

Place in a holiday basket lined with Christmas tissue paper
(Great for church leaders)

3. 1 box naturally decaffeinated green tea
1 box naturally decaffeinated Earl Grey tea
1 Christmas teacup

Place in a decorative Christmas cellophane bag and tie with Christmas ribbon.
(Great for girlfriends)

4. 1 bag of organic popcorn
1 box naturally decaffeinated green tea
1 dark chocolate bar

Place in a Christmas gift bag with holiday tissue.
(Great for neighbors)

5. 1 canister Chatfield’s all natural carob powder
SHM recipe for John’s Carob Latte printed on Christmas stationary or card.

Place in Christmas cellophane wrapping and tie with a ribbon.
(Great for chocolate lovers)

6. 1 journal
Write a special thought or quote to your friend on friendship.

Wrap in a beautiful Christmas paper and tie a ribbon around it.
(Great for close friend)

7. 1 bottle of wine priced under $10.00
Wrap in a shimmery Christmas paper and tie a ribbon around the top with a Christmas message.
(Great for a Christmas party or event)

8. 2 mangos
1 pineapple
2 oranges
1 bottle of Martinelli’s
1 small bag of nuts

Place in a holiday basket lined with decorative tissue paper.
(Great for neighbors/church leaders)

9. Christmas bowl
SHM kettle corn
Place kettle corn in bowl and cover with holiday plastic wrapping.
Give immediately.

(Great for family and children)

10. 1 package of disposable holiday cups
1 package of disposable matching holiday napkins
1 package disposable matching holiday plates
1 package disposable holiday cutlery

Place in a holiday tin/bag and touch up with holiday tissue paper.
(Great for the entertainer)

These simple gift ideas are classic and beautifully express the holiday cheer most for no more than ten dollars if you do your homework ahead of time.

I purchase a case of Martinelli’s cider, chocolate, nuts, Christmas wrapping and tissue paper, cellophane wrapping, Christmas ribbon, inexpensive baskets, candles, cards, paper products on the same day. This reduces running around. Wal-Mart is always my first choice. They have assorted, inexpensive wrappings and miscellaneous holiday baskets, boxes and bags available pretty much all season. Purchasing them early will ensure they have a variety available. You can add a movie, Christmas music and gift cards or delete any item as your budget allows. Preparation is key.

Experience how simple gift giving can be!





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