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Blogging is a great way to increase brand visibility, and engage current clients and potential clients to get to know you better.

Let Discover the Region guide you through the process with our easy to follow step by step instructions.

There are additional benefits with collective marketing with Discover the Region.  Your content is shared on our website, and social media, easy to share to YOUR social media, & included with other bloggers in a monthly newsletter and Custom Digital magazine called “The Focus”.

We accept Experts from anywhere. You never know where your message will resonate or connect with.

Blogs are submitted once a month and requires a contract of 6 month or 1 year of blog submissions.

*Pricing is based on a monthly cost.  (long term discounts may apply)

*DTR reserves the right to deny any content that does not meet OUR HIGH quality specifications. (ie: No porn, bad words.)

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