Back Pain and Hydration – Is Your Back Thirsty?

Back Pain and Hydration – Is Your Back Thirsty?

The body is comprised of 70% water, the muscles and discs of the back are affected by changes in their relative water content.  Some causes of back pain can be aggravated by a lack of proper hydration of these tissues.  A thirsty back is often a sore back.  Let’s take a look at how proper water intake, exercise and nutrition can help support a healthy pain free back.


The disc is a cartilage pad, a specialized ligament, that functions as a cushion and pivot point between the segments of the spine.  Factors such as injury, lack of exercise, poor nutrition and chronic dehydration can cause the disc to dehydrate and deteriorate.  Loss of water causes the disc to crack and shrink, impairing its function to provide the proper spacing and mobility for the spinal segment.  The disc deterioration and weakening can lead to disc bulging and herniation.  These conditions can lead to back pain and dysfunction.


The muscles that move the spine can also be susceptible to dehydration.  A thirsty muscle will be sore and is more likely to Dr Bret Wilsoncramp or spasm.   The reason is less fluid available to the body reduces blood flow and slows down the replenishment of fluid to the cells that supply electrolytes and other nutrients needed for proper function.

Drinking Water

Drinking water before during and after activity can help prevent the effects of dehydration.  Increase water intake if activity is more strenuous or takes place in a hot environment.  Avoid or restrict beverages with sugar, caffeine, alcohol and other additives as they actually increase your bodies need for water because of the diuretic effect (loss of water) or increase metabolic load. In most situations, water is your best hydration source.


Regular exercise helps provide flexibility, mobility, aerobic and circulatory fitness to the joints and muscles of the spine.  This results in more efficient and healthy transfer of fluids where your body needs them, when they need them.

Lean Protein

A diet of lean protein, plant based foods and healthy fats are important.  Water intake is part of a healthy diet and affected by the foods you choose.  Reduction and avoidance of foods that are high in salt, sugar and additives can help improve the body’s hydration.

Chiropractic is a safe and effective treatment for many types of back pain and dysfunction.  They are trained in nutrition, hydration, exercise and rest and incorporate these healthy habits in the patient’s care plans.  Chiropractic physicians are well trained to diagnose and treat conditions of the back with a non-drug approach.

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