BACAI’d like to do something a little different in my column this month to shed light on something that is very near and dear to my heart. I like writing about different charities and the people that give selflessly of their time and resources. It’s my small way of giving to as many charities as I can by bring awareness the their cause.

Recently, I interviewed NYTRO (her road name). She’s a biker, she’s fearless, and together with her husband, also a biker, they have founded the Arizona Chapter of B.A.C.A Bikers Against Child Abuse. Originally founded in Utah, by “John Paul “Chief” Lilly, a licensed clinical social worker, BACA is a 501-C-3 that exists to create a safe environment for abused children. Working in conjunction with local and state officials, BACA biker members are at the ready when an abused child is in need of rescue.

“We’re not here to do anybody’s job”, Nytro explains. We collaborate with CPS , the Police, Childhelp. etc as were are here to help. We pay for our own BACA resources, gas, etc. and give freely of our time. Kids sometimes are scared of the police because they’re afraid they’re going to be taken away or that they’re going to get in trouble. Most of the time the child feels that they are at fault or to blame in some way. We step in and makes the child one of the BACA family. They get a leather vest with the BACA patch. It’s a source of pride for them.”

The significance of the BACA patch:
Red – “blood shed by wounded children”
White – -“ innocence of the children”
Black – “dark times the child goes through”
Fist – “our commitment to stop child abuse”
Skull and crossbones – “death to child abuse”
Chains – “our united organization”

The BACA Mission Statement is very clear. The biker members all over the world are ready, willing and able as a united front, to lend help and support to any abused child in need of a safe environment away from the abuser, whether by showing up at their house or showing up in court so the child has no fear in testifying against their abuser. “It’s pretty impressive when we show up to a child’s home, 87 bikes strong with some 98 members. It send a very clear message to the abuser and, quite frankly, to the whole neighborhood”. We are non-confrontational, but if we were to be threatened or attacked, we will defend ourselves.”

Chapter of BACA can now be found in many different countries including, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

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Clarissa Burt