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Mini Habits

Thinking that a new behavior will take too much effort, we tend to put it off to a later time when we have the time or desire to invest in the effort. Rubin in Better than Before shares another important point about effort. When we are trying to change a behavior that we have tried to change previously, the effort to change it becomes more difficult. This makes the case for setting yourself up for success from the very beginning of the change process. Click here for the full article.


Choose the Most Valuable Reality

Although choosing the most valuable reality may take more energy from you, it will definitely make a change in your relationships and potentially your own happiness. It is by sifting through not only the opinions and beliefs that we hold most dearly but also understanding that others who influence us may not have the entire picture and that we can come to new states of understanding if we open to alternative views!
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The Negative Thinking Spiral

Complicating the negativity bias is our memories which are either implicit or explicit. Although explicit memory is typically a positive phenomenon, what is stored in implicit memory is more often negatively biased. As we access these memories we continue to build more energy for the negative and may even perceive events as negative due to memories rather than what is actually happening in the moment. Click here for the full article.