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Is there a book in your head

Have you ever thought you should write a book? Would your child or children like to see their words in print? It’s an incredible experience to hold your ideas in book form, and it raises self-esteem at least a couple of notches. The really good news is that it is possible. You usually see my writing in this column, discussing ideas for children’s and family activities, but I have also written a total of 16 books, many on that family topic. My most recent effort, Get that Book out of your Head and into Print, includes innovative methods that can help you or your children accomplish a publishing dream. Click here for the full article.


Kas Winters

It’s a new year and a great time to put systems in place to make your life and that of your children easier. Sometimes, all it takes is a couple of file folders in a set location such as a box, basket, tote, tub, or holder on top of the microwave, near the front door, or in the corner of a kitchen counter. Label a few folders as needed. Choose a place where papers can be moved directly from backpacks to the proper location. This is especially helpful for school papers that need to be returned to teachers, details about assignments and projects, events and other school or extra-curricular activity dates and contact information. Work to establish a habit of putting papers there as soon as students get home from school and also try to remember to check the “Return to Teacher” folder before kids leave for class each morning. Make sure everyone knows that the folders should not develop legs and move to other locations in the house.

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Enjoy and Outdoor Adventure

According to my mother, I started camping when I was a baby, and I haven’t stopped. Over the years we’ve camped with family members, Scouts, and friends in a variety of situations. It has been a delightful opportunity to teach skills, build confidence, enjoy camaraderie, try new things, and learn to appreciate nature. Here are some activities you can adjust to the ages and interests of the children in your life. Click here for the full article.